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Man Hangs Self In Error, Dies While Playing Judas On Easter Eve


Tragedy occurred in the district of Barranquillas in Tancítaro, Mexico where the final hours of Christ were being recreated in the play known as the ‘Viacrucis de Jesús,’ as part of the Easter celebration.

A young man, identified as Miguel Ángel, had put a rope around his neck and then around a tree to re-enact being hung just as Judas did, but he slipped off his support and was left dangling in the air.

According to Dailymail, before the crowd could realize what was happening and rushed to his aide, h stopped breathing. He died of asphyxiation.

The victim was taken to a nearby clinic in a van which drove past a Civil Protection ambulance on the journey. The crew was flagged down and tried to revive him but without success.A full investigation is now underway. Police believe it was simply an unfortunate accident and have discarded foul play or suicide.

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