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PaddyPaddyBet: Redefining Betting Business in Nigeria


A new betting company, PaddyPaddyBet, has come into the arena of sport betting with added advantages that have made it the darling of players and stakers alike.
According to a statement by the management of the company, PaddyPaddyBet has come to redefine betting business in the country, with mouthwatering Commission, which has put its competitors on their toes.
It said: “A fast growing company that is making a very genuine tidal wave and corresponding benefits for stakers and players is Paddypaddybet. It is perhaps the latest wave-making one among the lots and is giving others before it a run for their money.
“Today, one cannot visit anywhere without getting in contact with the rave of the moment Paddypaddybet outlet where young and old are trying their luck; especially online.”
The statement said that apart from making fast money through betting, PaddyPaddyBet has also “added a boost to the unemployment menace in the country, as it is daily providing steady and gainful employment for staff and agents.
“This has become inevitable because online betting has rapidly become a fad among the Nigerian youth and the birthing of this norm could easily be attributed to the enticing offers that almost numb the sense of loss. However, for the uninitiated whose curiosity would like an insight into the world of betting, Paddypaddybet is one unique brand that doesn’t beat about the bush about its bonanza packages.
“Making its entry early 2016, but rolled out fully its operation early 2017, Paddypaddybet has risen to be at the top of the pack and is not ready to leave the stage for its competitors, not with many of its plum odds and benefits. It can be played anywhere in the world, including its original base, Nigeria, where its tentacles are spread like an octopus. It also has legal and state recognition status in all states across Nigeria where sport betting is allowed. Innovatively, Paddypaddybet has towered in gaining relevance and reliability by taking advantage of European infrastructures; with services that offer sports, horse, and virtual bet.”
The statement stated further that membership comes with offers which makes PaddyPaddyBet irresistible to members of the public.
It said: “It is the policy of Paddypaddy to welcome all new members with enticing and irresistible offers. All initial deposits are increased by 100%; for example, if you sign up and make a deposit of N1,000, Paddypaddybet will automatically give you an extra N1,000 on top of that for a total bankroll of N2,000.
“But to become a member, just simply visit and follow the direction. is reputed to give in-depth coverage of the sport bets available on the winners of matches, handicap betting options, correct score bets, over/under point totals, winning margins, combination bets and much more. And with the game of football being the uncontested favorite of the crowd, Paddypaddybet offers each football lover extensive options of football leagues around the world, like top leagues from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.
“There is also Paddypaddytbet live betting, which allows one to bet on matches in real time as they happen. You can watch the game on TV or via your mobile phone and then place short-term bets on various things happening during the game. One can as well place bets throughout the match as each side scores goals, blocks shots and so on”


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