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Invest in Youth Development to Avert National Tragedy, NGO Pleads with FG


Dr. John Abhuere, Director of Centre for Child Care and Youth Development, Abuja, a non governmental organisation, on Friday, urged Federal Government to invest in youth development to avert national tragedy.
Abhuere, who spoke while receiving an award from the the Arewa Youth Peace Initiative (AYPI), said the government must as matter of urgency invest in the youth for developmental process of the country.
He said investing in the youth means investing in future of the country, warning that if reverse is the case it would amount to destroying the future
He said: “Nigeria government must invest in the youth for developmental process to take root. Build the youth, you build future of Nigeria, destroy the youth, destroy the nation.”
He said his vision of setting up the centre after retirement was to work towards empowering the youth and children for a better society.
He pleaded with the government to make a education a priority for every youth so as to give them opportunity to participate in the nation’s development process.
He said the saddest moment of his life was when youths of a particular section of the country gave quite notice to other Nigerians to leave their state’s.
He noted this should not have been been so by a youth body whose shoulders rest responsibilities of tomorrow.
According to Abhuere, a retired director with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Nigerian youth should break the ice on ethnicity and imbibe the spirit of oneness, otherwise they would be unable to realise their potentials.
“We have to live together, tolerate one another, break the ice on ethnicity to move forward the country, otherwise you would be able realise your potentials. Every youth of this country is talented in one way or the other.”
He appealed to Nigerians, especially, the youth to embrace peace for national development, while advising them to shun electoral violence in the coming general elections.
On the award, he said it was gratifying and special, coming from a youth organisation and at a time the country needs peace most.
Earlier, Comrade Yakubu Sule, who stood in for the president of AYPI, said the organisation found Dr. Abhuere worthy of the award for his campaign for youth empowerment.
“Our award recipient of today is our Father, friend, mentor, hero and a role model. He is anti-corruption crudader, peace advocate and activist, dedicated figure as well as empitome of hope. He is the future in the present and one of the most noticeable representatives of our generation.”
According to the organisation, Abhuere’s mission and core mission to the society is ever present as he works day and night to improve the impact and visibility of the society through humanitarian services.
“He is a man of great heart, immense streght and sweet nature. He is a man worth thousands of men, a father not just to his biological children but to any other child or orphan he comes across. He lives and gives selflessly without expecting anything in return. We would forever remain indebted to you for all the effort and sacrifices, though we can never repay you for all you have done till doing for people around you, but we can only celebrate, recognise and appreciate you and we will never get tired of doing that”


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