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Maina, A Patriotic Not Corrupt, CSO Tells Atiku


A civil society organisation (CSO), Legislative Watch, has cautioned the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded presidential election, Atiku Abubakar, to stop describing former pension boss, Abdulrasheed Maina, as a criminal.
A statement by the CSO and sign by Hon. Nasiru Ibn Musa, said Atiku’s continued reference to Maina as a corrupt Nigeria does not tally with the enviable feats Maina has achieved in life.
The statement read: “Our attention has been drawn to the PDP flag bearer Atiku Abubakar’s continued mentioning of Dr Maina’s name as a corrupt Nigerian, so as to score cheap political points.
“We want to make it very clear that Maina has eminent respect for all the presidential candidates in this country. Hence, Atiku Abubakar should respect himself. We expect a presidential candidate to have a good sense of judgement, an in-depth knowledge of happenings in his country and not rely on media fabrications. Such a person should be knowledgeable and have good sense of reasoning before issuing statements against an individual he has never known or meet in his life.
“With all sense of humility we want to further reiterate the fact that Dr Maina is an honest and very patriotic Nigerian. He exhibited that by the meritorious services he rendered to our country – Nigeria.
“Your Excellency sir Atiku, you are to be respectfully informed that Dr Maina has never been under any prosecution, nor has he ever been convicted by any court of law in Nigeria or anywhere in the world for corruption or anything whatsoever. He has never been prevented from entering the United States of America. Infact he commands a lot of respect there, where the sanctity of rule of Law is Sacrosanct.
“This statement of calling him corrupt, belittles and denigrates you as former Vice President of this country, who supposedly should have made your independent findings before jumping into dark conclusions. Maina is a peace loving person, else he would have come out with issues he may make public to Nigerians against you. Note that all this noise about Maina, Maina, Maina is about fear, least he gets an opportunity of meeting the President to hand over dosiers that may shake the country.
“Sir, It will not be right for anyone in Nigeria or the United States to refer to your person as a thief, like you have been doing to Maina. You may take offence. In view of that, We advise that you seriously consider speaking with considerable restraint.
“It will be unfair for us as an NGO to call you corrupt or a thief, just because of issues against you making rounds in the news, both here at home and in the United States.
“Dr Maina still remains a civil servant in this country, because he was unconstitutionally disengaged as a “Deputy Director” within 24 hours, when he was on an approved leave by the former president. (Jonathan, Records are available) He got judgment for his reinstatement from a competent court of jurisdiction, but he was denied justice. He is not a politician nor does he participate in any such organisations. Stop dragging his name into your political games.
“Your continued personal attacks on his person, makes us (Nigerians) and other informed members of the international Community to think that your Administration if it becomes a reality, may be that in which anything goes and uncoordinated. Rather than facing the issues, you are busy calling names.
“Maina’s corruption fighting sins are unforgivable by the corrupt Pension crooks in Nigeria because
“He stopped the stealling of N4.125BN per Month at the Office of the Head of Service Pension,
“He stopped the daily stealling of N300m from the Police Pension Office,
“He stopped the monthly stealling of additional N1bn which goes to the Police Pension Office on a monthly basis.
“He blocked leakages in the system and recovered N2.93Trillion between 2011 to 2017.
“For causing the seizure of funds and assets worth #1.63 trillion from the pension thieves with membership from the execute, the legislature the judiciary, and the political class, meant that he stepped on some powerful toes which may have affected some person’s close to you.
“Kindly observe restraint as this kinds of vituberations does not speak well of a supposedly well informed Presidential Candidate.
“Your Excellency, may also wish to note that, to date, Maina won all the 5 cases he personally instituted against several federal government Agencies, for illegally sacking him, for continously harassing him unlawfully, with impunity and lawlessness. He was awarded damages.
“Dr Maina is an honoree of the USA. You may not have been that opportuned, as you seem to be struggling with its lawful entry and exit at the moment.
“He studied in the United States of America, created a viable system for the benefit of such a country of opportunity, equal justice and respect for human dignity (USA) and was honoured with the National Black Achievers Award. He was celebrated in the USA as far back as 2001, and still respected.
“For the respect that Maina has for Elders as taught him from childhood, we were opportuned to ask that he forgives you and he agreed.
“In conclusion, we make bold to say that if this campaign of calumny against his person continues, we would have no option than to put pressure on him to advice his legal team to do the needful sir.”

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