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Opinion: Re: Int’l/National Observer Groups Speak on 2019 Elections… They Lied; By Victoria Johnson


It is a shame that people like Mphoentle Keitveng and Dr. Nwanbu Gabriel, who claimed to have represented the Pan African Women Projects and Centre for Credible Leadership & Citizens Awareness, respectively, supposedly International Observer Organisations could present such skewed, biased and generously paid for reports.
The question then is, were they presenting the report as if they were the only persons or groups physically present in Essien Udim during the elections? Their report, as a matter of fact, shows them as “foreign observers” who failed flat in their duty.
Beyond that, Sen. Akpabio’s Unit 009/Ward (Ukana West II), Essien Udim LGA, witnessed the greatest peace and orderliness throughout the elections, untill very late at night (at about 2.00am) at the Collation Center, when Mr. Sunyiekekere Inokon (Deputy State Chairman of the PDP, Akwa Ibom State) and his brother, Solomon Inokon (themselves indigenes of the area) stealthily attempted to exchange the original result sheets with their cooked and illegal sheets, through the aid of a female agent (one Inacho’s wife) who obviously was working for the PDP, (obvious in the sense that when Sunyiekekere was caught, he was threatening to deal with the lady for failing to deliver on her assignment, having been handsomely paid).
It was their brazeness and or effrontery that sparked off uncontrolled anger which led to their being beaten up by irate youths with their picture taken in the heart of the night. Everybody including the Police and Army personnel on duty were terribly disappointed by the action of an individual (the PDP Deputy State Chairman) who ought to have served as role model to the people.
Therefore for the duo of Mphoentle Keitveng & Dr. Nwambu Gabriel to now state with finality that it was Sen. Akpabio who “held INEC staff/agents hostage for hours”, as well as “chased foreign observers away and in the process some of them sustained injury and were hospitalized”.
I make bold to say that nothing can be farther from the truth. Their reports have clearly shown that the sole purpose of their socalled observation was to malign Sen. Godswill Akpabio at the end of the exercise, not only for pay, as money freely exchanging hands in the PDP camps – voters were given tags by vote-buying agents of the PDP before voting, with clear instruction to visit a designated building after casting their ballot for their preferred candidate to receive their N5,000 largesse.
Arising from such sleaze-polluted outcome, one would have expected the so called foreign observers to give full account of this reprehensible and objectionable behaviour on the part of the PDP, but alas! They were only there to please their pay masters. What a shame of a selfish and wholly compromised group of persons who now go about deceiving the public under the guise of “foreign observervation”.
It might interest Mphoentle Keitveng and Dr. Nwambu Gabriel to know that after the PDP State Deputy Chairman, his brother, Solomon and Inacho’s wife were handed over to the Police, it was the same Sen. Godswill Akpabio (they are now desecrating) who pleaded that Inokon et al should be released because they were his brothers and sister (this is a verifiable account).
In the light of the above, Sen. Akpabio is not only a man of peace, but also one with zero tolerance for violence, to which the public is hereby admonished to discountenance in its entirety Mphoentle Keitveng & Dr. Nwambu Gabriel’s misleading and viciously fabricated reports.

Victoria Johnson Writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

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