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Prostitution: Nigerian Lady, Among 18 Most Wanted Female in Europe


Nigerian Jessica Edosomwan was listed on Friday by Europe Police (Europol) among 18 most wanted female fugitives.

Jessica, who is 26 years-old is wanted by French authorities.

She is alleged to have been part of a gang of people smugglers who used a form of witchcraft known as ‘juju’ to force young Nigerian girls into prostitution.

Operating in every major French city the gang housed the girls in terrible conditions, charging them exorbitant rents, it is claimed.

The victims, who were run by an older woman known as ‘la Mama,’ were then prostituted on the streets.

The money they made was then sent back to Nigeria through an informal payment system known as ‘hawala’.

Jessica Edosomwan has been on the run since 2017 and could be in France, Belgium or Germany, Europol said.

Jessica’s case was highlighted by Europol’s ‘Crime has no gender’ campaign, in which the faces of fugitives are artistically masked on the agency’s website, with their identities and details of their crimes disclosed as visitors scroll down the page.

Among 17 other women wanted are those convicted or accused of crimes including murder, robbery, drugs trafficking and serious fraud by countries across Europe.

Europol spokeswoman Tine Hollevoet said: “People think that usually these crimes are not being committed by women, but they are and they are equally as serious as those committed by men.”

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