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A Nigerian Family Faces Deportation From Canada


A Nigerian family who claims they fled the country to Canada in fear that their daughter would be subjected to female genital mutilation is set to be deported by the Canadian Government.

Afeez, Rashidat Bakare his wife, Faaiq the son and Faquah the daughter all fled to Nigeria and arrived in Canada in 2017 and had their last child Farhana in Canada in 2018.

However, they were denied refugee status on Thursday and were told to leave the country by 3 p.m. on Friday. Speaking to CBC, the wife said: “My children’s life my husband’s life is at risk.

“We ran away because they wanted to circumcise my baby girl — the one I brought from Nigeria.
When I got to Canada, I had another baby girl. Currently, I’m pregnant with another baby girl. Now I’ll have three baby girls and all of their lives are going to be at risk.”

On Friday afternoon, after Rasheedat who is approximately five months pregnant collapsed and was rushed to hospital, the government issued a temporary delay on the deportation order.

Afeez Bakare said he’s not sure when he and his family will be required to leave. He said: “I don’t want my life and my family to be in danger. My wife is in a state where she is restless, she cannot do anything.”

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