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Trafficked Lady Warns That ‘There is no Job or Dollar in Lebanon’


On Tuesday in Ilorin, Gloria Taiye, a Nigerian girl who traveled to Lebanon in her quest for greener pastures greener pasture but later sought for assistance to be repatriated was received by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

NSCDC Commandant, Bello Ale, while receiving her, told newsmen that the victim was dubiously separated from her family to Lebanon. He said that they got to know about the incident through a viral video which showed how the victim was being kept in captivity.

He said, “the video assisted us in getting the location, and led to the first suspect, the Lebanese, and later to the second suspect, a Nigerian that solicited for her.”

The contact of Gloria’s family made us get to the third suspect, the pastor that stood as guarantor for her before traveling abroad.

The process is a continuous process because it is a big syndicate but we intend to hand over the case to the Anti- human Trafficking Agency,” the commandant said.

33-year-old Gloria had said she has a National Diploma certificate and that the agreement she had with the travel agent was to teach English language in Lebanon.

She said she was promised a $1,000 teaching job but was turned into a slave, doing domestic chores, in Lebanon.

According to her, “There is no job in Lebanon and there is no dollar in that country, but they tricked us to the place and made us to believe there was work there.”

She advised Nigerian women to beware of travel agents that promised jobs in foreign countries.

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