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Man Rapes 6-year-old Girl one Month After Being acquitted of Rape


On Tuesday, 24-year-old Utah man, Samuel Heber Butler faced charges of raping a 6-year-old girl. He then attempted to bribe the victim’s mother with money to prevent her from calling the police.

This recent charge is Butler’s second time for being arraigned for rape and his eighth time of being accused of sexual assault. He reportedly raped a Dixie State University student in 2017; and was acquitted few weeks ago.

The 6-year-old victim told the police that Butler said he wanted to marry her.

The little girl ran to her mother’s room to sleep because Butler kept touching her. After being confronted by the victim’s mother, Butler pleaded and attempted to bribe her with money so that she wouldn’t call the police.

The victim’s mother reportedly met Butler on Facebook some weeks earlier before inviting him to her Prove home. She disclosed that during his visit, Butler and her daughter fell asleep on the couch and she left to sleep in her bedroom.

Court documents revealed that Butler took off his clothes and that of the little girl and raped her.

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