Medical Expert Advises Women on Proper Disposal of Used Sanitary pad


Dr Amina Bello-Mukhtar, a medical practitioner at Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital, Kaduna, on Friday, advised women to be careful with the way they dispose used sanitary pad to avoid spread of diseases.

She said that proper menstrual hygiene management was key to having good health.

She added that “it is very important to change sanitary pad regularly when menstruating so as to avoid contacting bacterial and fungal infection; that is why you need to properly dispose the pad you have used.

“When disposing pad, make sure you put it in a polythen bag and tie it, then throw it in a dustbin which is covered; don’t let it stay for more than a day without getting it to a nearby incinerator.

“Keeping used pad for long at home in dustbin can be dangerous to health, as it invites pest and rodents who carry diseases from one place to another.”

Bello- Mukhtar noted that women who use rag due to financial constraint to manage their period should make sure they wash such rags and their under wear regularly and sun dry them properly.

She cautioned against the use of tissue paper for menstruation, saying it was medically wrong and could cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ( PID).

The medical practitioner also advised young girls and women to take a bath at least twice daily and also change their clothes daily to keep themselves clean.

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