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Father Rapes Male and Female Children, Absconds With Them


Oluwaseun Olomo, a resident of Egbeda, a densely populated neighbourhood in Lagos, has disappeared with his two children (a male and a female) after defiling them on multiple occasions.

Olomo had also successfully won over the police to aid his immoral act and obtain a favourable court order.

The children had revealed to a doctor how their father forcefully had sex with them with bruises on their private parts showing forceful penetration.

The matter was charged to court after it was transferred to the Gender Unit of the Lagos State Police Command but Olomo was described as a responsible man and granted the custody of the children.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that the Investigating Police Officer in charge of the case, Olakunle Orebe, had altered some of the evidences in the case and also declined to present video testimonies of the kids to the judge.

On Monday, June 3, 2019, Queen Elizabeth Iluyomade, mother of Modupe Iluyomade, received a phone call that her daughter was involved in an accident in Ikeja and was later announced dead at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja.

Following Modupe’s death, Queen Iluyomade took custody of her two grandchildren.

Shortly afterwards, Iluyomade said she noticed some bruises on their private parts.

The woman further disclosed that after taking the kids to a hospital for tests, it was discovered that they had been raped.

She said, “I started noticing a strange bowel movement and behaviour patterns of the children, one is five-year-old and the other is two-year-old.

“I decided to carry out medical examination on July 5, 2019 at the General Hospital Isolo.

“While this was on, the war over the custody of the children began. My opinion was that since Olomo, my son-in-law, was an Uber driver, who will not be available to take care of the children, it will be proper to have custody of the children for now.”

But Olomo, who had become troubled at the discovery, mobilised some members of the Oodua People’s Congress to harass and threaten Iluyomade.

He also wrote a petition to the police accusing his mother-in-law of illegally being in custody of his children.
Rape and denied justice

Iluyomade stated that she approached the Lagos State Office of Public Defender concerning the health of the children from where she was referred to the Mirabel Center at the Lagos State College of Medicine, LASUTH, Ikeja.

She said, “Several tests conducted at Mirabel Center later revealed that the two-year-old, Folakemi, had been penetrated several times from her vagina and anus.

“It was also discovered that the five-year-old boy, Fiyinfoluwa, had been penetrated through his anus.”

According to the medical report signed by Dr Jideuche Onyememnam on August 7, 2019, it was discovered that two-year-old had an “apparently nominal female extended genital and there was “a generalised hyperemia of genital mycoses” and “bruises on either sides of vestibule is seen”.

The report also showed that “the hymen is obliterated with rough centred edges and there is easy visualisation of the distal, posterior of the virginal canal”.

Dr Onyememnam concluded in the report that “the genital findings are in keeping with frequent blunt penetration/trauma to the vaginal”.

Also, the test result of the five-year-old examined by Dr Alagbe Oyedeji on August 14, 2019, revealed that there was a “reduced anal sphmiriteric bone which revealed healed anal bruises globally”.

Oyedeji concluded that the “anal examination findings on clients are consistent with repeated forceful, blunt penetration into his anus”.

Armed with the medical report and video evidence where the boy allegedly confessed that the act was done by their father, the OPD referred the matter to the Gender Unit of the Lagos State Police Command since according to them, “the matter had morphed into a criminal offence in which Olomo, the father of the children, is a prime suspect”.

Iluyomade said that the case was subjected to a lot of manipulation at the Gender Unit of the Lagos State Police Command before Muazu Zubairu, Lagos Commissioner of Police at that time, who ordered the IPO at the Gender Unit, Olakunle Orebe, to file a case against Olomo.

In a twist of event, Magistrate Osunsanmi, who was in charge of the case, granted the suspect bail on the grounds that there was no sufficient evidence before her to link him to the crime.

“The Magistrate, also said that the statement for the arrangement of the children filed by the respondent (Olomo) was more credible and acceptable to the court than that filed by the applicant (Iluyomade).

“It was also said that the independent investigative report from the Social Work Department showed that the respondent is a responsible man.

“The magistrate, who was making decision on the evidence presented to him, ruled that Olomo be granted custody of the children and I was granted access and visitation right once a month,” Iluyomade explained.

Irked by the court ruling, Iluyomade said she discovered that the IPO, who was only identified as Orebe, had altered evidence in his affidavit in support of the remand application, giving evidence contrary to the true facts he told the Commissioner of Police.

“He did not bring the video evidence to the attention of the court, all which have fuelled my suspicion that the IPO is bent on perverting justice in this case,” the woman added.

While the case was on, Iluyomade had received different death threats from Olomo and his family.

She said that one of Olomo’s family members, Benedict, who is a police officer, also threatened to kill her.

She said, “On August 19, 2019, when we were invited to write statements at the Lagos Police Command, Benedict Olomo, a Superintendent of Police and DPO of Ilasan Police Station, suddenly emerged and threatened that he was going to kill me for smearing his family name in the mud.

“He boasted that he had power the power and means to do that.

“Aside from that, I have also been receiving calls repeatedly from strange numbers threatening to kill me.”
Iluyomade’s hope of seeing her children was totally dashed when she went to check them as permitted by the court but discovered that Olomo had vacated his home in Egbeda together with the children without telling the court.

She said that calls made to his known phone numbers had been left unanswered.

Pursuing justice, Iluyomade has written a petition to the Lagos Ministry of Justice to take over and investigate the case involving the defilement and abuse of the two minors.

She also wants the ministry to investigate the suspicious and unclear circumstances of the death of her daughter on June 3, 2019 with a view to unravelling the truth.

Iluyomade had also written to the Inspector-General of Police to investigate the threat to her life by Benedict Olomo.

She had also visited the OPD to find out why the body was yet to appeal the judgment of the magistrate.

She said she met with Mahmud Taiwo Hassan, OPD’s Head of Public Affairs, who advised her to come back to the centre with all documents for possible fresh proceedings especially on what looked like a contempt of court.

Not having full confidence in the actions of the OPD, she had also instructed her lawyer to file an appeal or a fresh charge of jumping bail against Olomo.

“I cannot lose my daughter in a very suspicious circumstances like that and now don’t even know the whereabouts of my grandchildren after the facts on the ground.

“It is sad. This is pure wickedness and crass injustice. Nigerians should come to my aid,” she lamented.

Several calls and text messages sent to Olomo for him to state his own side of the story were not responded to.

When our correspondent visited the home he used to live at Egbeda, it was indeed confirmed that he had packed out of the place.

Neighbours approached claimed that they had no idea about his present location.





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