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On Bukola Saraki and SLS: Be Careful Where Your Sympathy Lies


Bukola Saraki may have started facing Karma. In July 2009, Saraki & his co-conspirators including the CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido hatched a plot to bring down Intercontinental Bank. Saraki was owing the bank heavily & Erastus Akingbola was bent on selling his assets pledged as collateral. Many of those assets were listed in the CCT document. The only way out for Saraki to save his assets was to plot the removal of Erastus as CEO of the bank, bring down the bank & Saraki’s debt sin will be washed away. Sanusi had a different grudge against Erastus & found a worthy ally in Saraki.

Saraki used the press to publish a list of assets of Akingbola & Cecilia Ibru both real & imaginary. Expectedly, it generated & resulted in public hatred for both. Some of the assets were published at current value when they have been acquired at far lower values. The press was manipulated against Erastus by Saraki to give a dog a bad name.

Saraki played god. He terminated the careers of thousands of people just to save his assets from being sold by a bank. He caused CBN under Lamido not to accept recapitalisation proposals of the banks. He influenced CBN to make his boy Lai Alabi CEO of Intercontinental. Eventually Saraki’s loans were written off. He got his assets back but many families have suffered. Saraki is evil. He is selfish. He will set a whole village on fire just to kill a rat. This is more obvious the way he has gone about his ambitions. Saraki cannot be trusted. He is a great manipulator.

Saraki is now confronted with a similar medicine he has applied on people to get to where he is. When this case starts Saraki will be confronted with facts that will shock him. If this is followed to logical conclusion he may lose his assets & even go to jail which is where he rightly belongs.

Think twice before you show any sympathy for Saraki and SLS. If they escape the judgment of man they cannot escape that of God.


Wole Arisekola


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