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5 Fun Ways to Spice Long Distance Relationship


Managing a relationship generally has its high and low moments but spicing a long distancing relationship (LDR) can be very difficult.

Although love can be intoxicating as the saying goes- distance is to love as wind is to fire, you need keep the fire fun and exciting while waiting to see each other.

Also, coping with the social distancing posed by COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to stay indoors or far from their loved ones.

The need to make your LDR thrive and grow strong over time, becomes paramount.

So, read on to see fun ways you can keep the spark alive!

Maximize Technology

This is one of the best tools to use in keeping your LDR exciting and alive, thanks to technology.  LDR rely more heavily on technology to stay connected because lots of options allows them to communicate verbally for hours even more than couples who see each other.

Note, it can get boring and exhausting, therefore it’s important to share details with your partner instead of just generalizations.

Distant fun games

Not all games need proximity for it to be fun and interesting. You can plan a movie night together via Skype which allows you to watch the same movie and discuss it even when you’re in different places.

Another interesting game, is online puzzle, it can help spark discussions while working on the results.

Set future plans

LDR needs a ray of light to hope on for it to work and this is why, making plans of what you both will do when you eventually meet, is paramount.

Develop the ritual of talking about the fun things you’ll do together when you meet. Don’t forget to try new things every time you get to see each other.

Develop workable schedule

Now, there is no sense keeping a relationship where you never get to see each other. You need to make efforts to get a schedule which allows you both to see for the relationship to work.

This schedule must be respected, as timing to you both is precious.

Defined rules and boundaries

Respect the golden rule- do to others what you would want them do to. Trust and commitment must be held in the highest esteem for your LDR to work.

You need balance efforts as insecurity can set in if one partner always initiates the communication line.

Most importantly, it’s imperative you have a plan for where the relationship is heading to next and that you both work towards that goal.

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