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Man Kills Wife With Cobra After Failed Attempt With A Viper


An Indian man has been arrested for killing his wife using a cobra weeks after an unsuccessful attempt with a viper.

According to Police in the southern state of Kerala, India, the man identified as Sooraj, 27, first planted a Russell’s viper in his wife Uthra’s room in March. She got bit by the viper and was left hospitalized for almost two months.

After she was discharged to recuperate at her parents’ house, Sooraj then got a cobra from a local snake handler and threw it at his 25-year-old wife as she slept, police official Ashok Kumar told Agence France-Presse.

“Sooraj stayed in the same room as Uthra as if nothing had happened,” police said, with Sooraj acting surprised when “alerted by Uthra’s mother’s screams” as she found the body on May 7.

“They took her to the hospital where the doctor said she had died,” police said in a statement obtained by AFP.

The dead wife ‘s parents became suspicious because Sooraj had been present both times — and then tried to quickly take possession of all of his wealthy wife’s property.

Uthra’s father was an affluent businessman and mother a school teacher who retired two months ago while Sooraj, who worked in private financial institution, came from lower middle-class family.

They alerted police, who discovered he had been in contact with cobra handlers — and had also watched snake videos online, AFP says.

Sooraj was arrested Sunday and confessed during police interviews, according to Malayala Manorama.

He was motivated by their huge wedding comprising nearly 100 gold coins, a new car and at least $20,000 in cash, AFP said.

“Sooraj feared that divorcing his Wife would mean giving back all the dowry. That’s when he decided to kill her,” the police statement said.

The couple had a one-year-old child.

The man accused of selling him at least one of the snakes was also arrested, the reports said.

Rise in Such Cases

There has been a phenomenal rise in the record of reported murder of wives by their husbands. Majority of such incidences have been attributed to the poor mental health of the spouses associated. Just recently, information about one of such incidences was made available to The Street Journal.

In a gruesome twist to what should have been a happy tale, a newlywed bride was murdered by her husband on the very night of their wedding, after which he took his own life. The incident has shocked the  residents of Ponneri in Tiruvallur. Sandhya (22) and Nethivasan (28) got engaged a year ago, and were supposed to tie the knot in March.

“Due to the lockdown, the marriage got postponed. It was finally held on Wednesday,” said a policeman. The man and his wife tied the knot at a temple, and the families returned to the groom’s house.

Nethivasan was seen running out of the house by the family members at around 10.30 pm. When checked the bedroom, they saw Sandhya lying dead, with blood stains all over. Upon being alerted, the police launched a manhunt. On Thursday, they found that Nethivasan had hanged himself to death from a tree.

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