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Lekki Residents Association Order Immediate Suspension of Chairman, Kayode Otitoju


Following altercations between stakeholders of the Lekki Residents Association (LERA) and the Association Chairman, Mr. Kayode Otitoju, the Board of Trustees (BoT) of Lekki Peninsula Phase 1 Residents Association (LERA) have suspended the former Chairman over alleged acts of insubordination amongst other allegations.

The suspension letter reads:

The Board of Trustees (BoT) of Lekki Penisula Phase 1 Residents Association (LERA) at its Emergency meeting of 2nd June 2020 have decided to suspend you indefinitely as a member of Lekki Peninsula Phase 1 Residents Association (LERA).

The decision was taken after consideration of serious acts of intransigence, insubordination and other acts which are inimical to the smooth running of our great association including insubordination and contempt for the position and authority of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Association. Such acts include but not limited to the following:

a.) Refusal to allow the last members of the last LERA Executive committee headed by you as chairman, to attend a joint meeting of the Executive Committee and the BoT called by the BoT, to familiarize the incoming members of the Executive committee with the workings of the Association.

b.) Your insistence that the only function or duty of the BoT is property matters contrary to the provision and intent of the Association’s Constitution.

c.) Your unilateral entering into, and signing of land lease and development agreements with intending partners, contrary to the decision of the BoT taken at a meeting in which you were present. Decisions were reached to the effect that one of the proposal requests was not accepted, further to which the applicant was duly communicated; and that the draft agreements for the applicants, should first be circulated among BoT members for vetting to ensure that the interest of the Association is properly protected, as expected for all similar property-related considerations and agreements.

d.) Your demeanour at the BoT meeting of 25th May 2020 at which members of LERA Executive Committee and some other selected members of LERA were present. You refused to submit yourself to the authority of the Chairman of the meeting, interrupting him several times and refusing to cease speaking when requested to do so.

e.) Your wide circulation on 26th May 2020 of a scurrilous write-up to both members and non-members of LERA, disowning the decisions freely taken and adopted by all who were in attendance at the meeting of 25th May, 2020 and making good your contempt of the BoT by refusing to submit handover notes as decided at the meeting with the expiration of your two-year tenure as Chairman on 26th May 2020, even after other members of your Exco had complied, an act considered highly contemptuous of the position and authority of the BoT and those invited to the BoT meeting which if not checked, is capable of stirring disharmony with our LERA community.

During the period of your suspension, you are not allowed into the pavilion or any other property of the Association and you are also barred rom attending meetings of the Association.

The decision as to whether you will be recalled from suspension or expelled as a member of our great Association will be taken at a General Meeting of the Association on the advice and recommendation of the BoT and the incoming Executive Committee.

Yours Sincerely

Signed                                                                                                                                                                            Chief Hilary Onukogu                                                                                                                                                    Chairman

Nuhu Yakubu                                                                                                                                                                Secretary

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