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‘How technology can provide jobs for 39.9m Nigerians’


By Ibrahim Apekhade Yusuf

As the nation’s economy continues to buckle under the weight of COVID-19 pandemic throwing thousands into the labour market, technology has been identified as a panacea that will help Nigerian youths boost their income levels.

Giving this assurance at the weekend was Mr. Wumi Oghoetuoma, Nigeria-born IT expert, who sits atop as MD/CEO, Crown Interactive, a Lagos-based software solutions company. The organisation notes that interventions supporting micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are needed to curtail scary unemployment projections expected to rise 33.6% by the end of 2020 – that’s 39.4 million Nigerians.

In a statement, Oghoetuoma  said, “It goes without saying that Covid-19 has affected the livelihoods of many Nigerians. Our unemployment rate was already at a disappointing high and newer projections predict that it may rise to 33.6% by the end of 2020 – that’s 39.4 million Nigerians. While supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is a major part of what we do, here at CICOD, we are also committed to providing young people with viable job opportunities so that we can begin to provide real solutions for youth unemployment.”

Expatiating, Oghoetuoma revealed, “With our affiliate programme: Independent CICOD Executives (ICE), we give young people extensive training about our product, enabling them to source and onboard customers on their own and receive a commission of the revenue generated by all the customers they bring onboard.

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This is a job opportunity that allows you to still maintain your relative independence as an affiliate and still bring in some money for your household.”

According to him, as an Independent CICOD Executive, prospects are not just another sales channel or representative but become part of the larger CICOD team, working within a network of people dedicated to improving the output and efficiency of MSMEs.

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