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Ibrahim Magu Refuses FCID Cell, Sleeps in Mosque

Magu Released

Ibrahim Magu, the suspended acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), currently facing trial before the presidential investigation panel over allegations of corruption levelled against him has reportedly shunned the cell of the Force Criminal Investigations Department (FCID).

The police management team was said to have abandoned him to his fate to carry his own cross following his refusal to identify with the police hierarchy while his reign as the commission’s boss lasted.

The FCID, revealed that Magu now spends his night inside a mosque at zone 10 office of FCID, Abuja where he was ordered to be detained pending the outcome of his trial.

Buhari reportedly issues warning to ministers, senior police officers against offering assistance to Magu.

The Street Journal had earlier reported that Ibrahim Magu, is facing trial over alleged corruption.

Although he was supposed to be kept inside the cell at the zone 10 office of FCID, Abuja, he normally spends hours behind the counter in front of the cell and after appearing at presidential panel headed by the former president of the Court of Appeal, Justice Ayo Salami, he would be brought back and later taken to the mosque midnight where he slept up till Thursday, July 9.

It was gathered that FCID, zone 10, has been well fortified since Magu was detained there and extra efforts have been made to scrutinize both officers and men working there including visitors.

Furthermore, it was gathered that the police management team met early on Friday, July 10, and took far-reaching decisions over Magus’s trial.

Police sources, according to the report, said the management team decided that the embattled commissioner of police should be made to carry his cross based on the fact that while he was presiding over EFCC, he deliberately failed to respect senior police officers and never attended senior officers meetings chaired by the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Muhammed.

President Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly warned serving ministers, senior police officers and top government officials not to be seen offering any assistance over the case.

It was reported that Magu, who is under investigation by a presidential panel, was said to have made the denial when reacting to claims in the media that he transferred N4 billion to Osinbajo.

Magu who reacted to the allegations denied giving N4billion to Vice President Osinbajo.

A report filed by The Nation quoted Magu as saying: “I did not tell the panel that I gave the Vice President N4 billion. Where will I get such money? Do I have access to such funds? It is part of mudslinging. Please clear this. I do not have any control of such cash, I did not order the transfer of N4 billion to the VP or to anybody.

“The name of the Vice President never came up at the panel’s session at all. Since the VP was not an issue, I could not have mentioned that I gave him N4 billion.”

Magu’s reaction is coming after the Vice President on Thursday asked the Inspector-General of Police to investigate malicious tweets on the alleged N4billion given to him by Magu. Osinbajo made the demand in a July 9 petition to the IG, signed by his lawyers, Prof. Taiwo Osipitan and Abimbola Kayode.

The petition reads: “The above referred malicious tweets and publications were made on a public platform on a Twitter account with over forty-six thousand followers, some of whom have re-tweeted same hundreds of times, as at the time of writing this petition. In addition, the false allegations have elicited responses targeted at the vice president ranging from shock, outrage, to comments that cast aspersion on the integrity of the Vice President.

”The tweets and reactions thereto have also been circulated widely on other social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as other online websites including Newsreel with the caption “EFCC PROBE VP Osinbajo Allegedly Indicted Over N4billion Recovered Loot Diversion” available at; and YouTube at

”Our instruction is that the above statements published by Mr. Jackson Ude are false in every material respect and same are designed to injure the reputation of our Client. Copies of the publications are hereby attached for ease of reference and necessary investigation.

”These vicious and malicious publications are meant to achieve one objective only, to represent to his readership and others (Nigerians and Foreigners) that our Client is a dishonest and disloyal public officer and consequently unfit for the position of Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which he is occupying.

”We are of the view that unless an action for criminal defamation is commenced against the said Mr. Jackson Ude, he will continue to use his social media platform to publish materials that are false and criminally defamatory of our Client’s reputation.

In view of the above, we humbly request that you cause the above allegations, made against our Client, to be investigated and if the suggested investigation confirms our complaint of the falsehood of these allegations, to initiate criminal proceedings pursuant to the provisions of Sections 391 — 395 of the Penal Code Act for Criminal Defamation against the said Jackson Ude.”

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