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I’m working to place Arewa on music map — Abdullahi


Abdulhafiz Abdullahi whose stage name is ‘Feezy’, is a Kaduna based singer and producer. In an encounter with Daily Trust YOUTHVILLE, the singer said, his vision is to place northern Nigeria, Arewa, on the “map of musical progression” while creating a platform to nurture talents.

Feezy is also part of the group called, Yaran North Side (YNS), – made up of music artists from the north, – that has already produced a single titled, ‘Da so samu ne’.

The rising artist described his art as “a reflection of my instincts, mood and creativity” because he makes music as his spirit is led.

In 2016, he released an album titled, ‘Feelings’ followed by an Extended Play (EP) record in 2017 titled, ‘Tune’. Abdullahi who commented on his debut album said, “It was composed of melodious songs about relationship scenarios.

“I gave it the title, ‘Feelings’ because the songs express different kinds of feelings you get when you’re in a relationship,” he explained.

On the EP album, ‘Tune’, the singer said: “That was composed of groovy songs with diverse styles.”

Feezy who released his work via digital music market platforms, said he used the Hausa language as the primary tool for his art because he hoped it would be the most common language for music in Nigeria and on the international scene.

Being creative works well for artists and it’s good one learns to play musical instruments. This is the case with Abdullahi who plays the piano. “The cool sound it gives when a professional is playing it is amazing. So I started learning it by myself with the help of some YouTube tutorials.”

Abdulhafiz Abdullahi whose stage name is Feezy
Abdulhafiz Abdullahi whose stage name is Feezy

Feezy who also works as a cinematographer, said he funded his first album through his work as a producer. “I saved funds from studio productions I did for other artists so that I can be able to record, release and promote my first album.”

Feezy said he was inspired by the works of Loote, Owl City, Jon Bellion, Joeboy and Johnny Drille. With no formal training in music, Feezy had to grow his songs writing skills through dedication and research on the Internet.

To him, geographical location is no longer a barrier to break even in the music industry.

“I believed this in the past years but with the way the Internet changed the commercial music business, I don’t believe you have or must be in Lagos to become a commercial success anymore.

“Music business has excelled in terms of commercial marketing and promotion. You can now sell and promote your music digitally from wherever you are. For me, I think you can become commercially successful from wherever you are,” Abdullahi said.


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