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Lagos Lottery Operator Commits Suicide Over Failure To Pay Customers Winnings


A 70-year-old lottery operator simply identified as Baba Pool, on Thursday, July 24 committed suicide over his inability to pay some of his customers on their winnings.

According to reports, the deceased lottery operator hanged himself inside his shop located at Kayode Market, Abule Ijesha, in the Sabo area of Lagos State.

Baba Pool left behind a suicide note which he posted at strategic locations of the market. The note fingered two people, Bourney and Osuma, as the reason why he took his life.

The lottery operator wrote:

“For your information, Bourney and Osuma. Two of them kill me. A killer must surely die.”

The market women leader, Aderemi Thomas, revealed that the accused persons had played the lottery in Baba Pool’s shop, but did not get their money after winning.

Mrs Thomas said:

“I was called around 8 am to come to the market because Baba Pool had committed suicide.  I called the owner of the shop to join me in the market, but he said he was far away.

“When I got to the market, I was told what happened and not long after, the police came to interrogate us and we took them to the scene.

“I learnt that Bonny and Osuma came to play lottery in his shop, but he did not submit their tickets to the lottery office. So, when those people realised that they had won, they asked for their money. Instead of explaining to them that he did not submit their tickets, he committed suicide.”

Najimudeen Ajadi, the Babaloja of the market, said he was doing sanitation when someone notified him the lottery operator’s suicide.

Confirming the incident, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, disclosed that the two accused persons had been arrested for questioning.

Elkana said:

“We received a report about a 70-year-old who committed suicide in the market. The man accused one 85-year-old man and another man.  He left a note that those two people were responsible for his death; we want to look at the extent of their culpability. We have commenced investigation on the role they might have played and on why he accused them.”

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