The Media Hubbub and APC Deceits Trailing Ajimobi’s Name


It is obvious that the dust raised about late former Governor Ajimobi will remain in the air for sometime but I want to itemize why some things can never add up because of how the APC mishandled the public, in their characteristic manner of lying and serial deceits. Deniability and prevarication are two major characteristics of the party and they are evident in this particular case.


When the rumoured sickness of former Governor Ajimobi filtered into the public space in early June, the news was detailed about what happened and the hospital he was admitted to. However, the denial came and we were told Ajimobi is hale and hearty, with many pictures and videos to proof same. Alas, they were all lies. The investigative journalists insisted he is in critical condition but the family through the media aide only kept to the denial. So, while the public believed Ajimobi was sick, the family and party insisted he is okay.


The Edo state APC crises crescendo ed into suspension of Oshiomole and the Lagos faction of the party swiftly announced Ajimobi as the acting National Chairman. By the party constitution, Ajimobi should have been the acting national Chairman but how can an indisposed man be the acting Chairman of national ruling party? To further make the lies real, the unconscious Ajimobi announced taking charge of the party structure through his spokesman, Mr Tunji Bolaji. It became ridiculous and entertaining when there were about 3 claims to the acting national Chairman sit of APC.


It was a Thursday night when the rumour filtered into the ancient city of Ibadan that Abiola Ajimobi has died. Those who carried the news were called different unprintable names and mixed reactions trailed the news; denial and empathy filled the whole public place. After about 24 hours of denial, the investigative journalist insisted Ajimobi is almost lifeless, though in deep coma and on life support devices. Then on the following Saturday, the media aide claimed Ajimobi is okay but still needs our prayers.


Though not announced through official means, the news rent the air that Ajimobi has tested negative to Covid 19 and about 24 hours later, the APC e-warriors started congratulating one another on the discharge of Sen Ajimobi. I played along at this point and posted “gratitude and amen” to the news of the discharge. A notable Ibadan Mogaji called me to know why I fell for such lie on Monday 21st June around 8 pm. I told him I didn’t fall for any lie but want them to feel better that we are not interested in his death. So, I tried to make them enjoy their lies because trying to do otherwise make them call you wicked person.


When the media aide eventually announced the death on 26th that former Governor Ajimobi died on 25th, many still challenged the news; those who claimed he died since the previous week and queried why the announcement of his death coincided with the final defeat of the Lagos faction on the battle for the acting national Chairman of the party. So, though the media aide announced a date for the death, many still believed he died a week earlier.


Since Governor Ajimobi was reported dead on Thursday evening, it was a natural expectation to expect his burial on Friday according to Muslim rites. We read in the early hours of Friday through a press release that the burial will be done on Saturday morning. Later on same Friday, news filtered out that it was the state government that was delaying the burial and frustrating the family. That was the beginning of public altercation between the family of the deceased former Governor and the state Government. The sincere public were concerned about where the corpse was for about 3 days before the late elder statesman was buried on Sunday morning. How can state government delay the burial of a faithful Muslim?

Ajimobi truly did his best for the State and had immortalized himself in many ways but too much lies have trailed his name in the past 4 weeks and they all bother on integrity of the party. The confusing thing is; was it fear of stigmatization or just because it’s in the party’s DNA to lie about everything? I think it was the latter because the lies continue and one wonders what kind of party lies this much and plans to proffer solutions to national problems.

The major confusion is hearing the matriarch of the family complaining that some people didn’t call or visit them during Sen Ajimobi’s sickness, when in actual fact, they never admitted the great man was sick. I must commend the state government who made efforts to commiserate with the family while the late former Governor was still in coma; that was a courageous move because the serial lies were annoying and uncalled for.

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