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Banditry: Attack leaves UDUS student injured


Fancy looks almost cost Yusha’u Cisse Hashim, a student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS), his life in the hands of bandits.  He miraculously survived but now seeks support to heal and rescue his brothers from the hoodlums, reports ABDULRASHEED HAMMAD.


Yusha’u Cisse Hashim, a student of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS), probably has not seen N1 million in his life. However, he is now looking for N300 million to pay bandits to release three of his brothers kidnapped on July 24, when they raided his village in Katsina State.

The 300-Level student of Agricultural Science also has medical bills to pay after enduring horrifying beating in the hands of the bandits on the fateful day.

Campus Life gathered that the raid of Cisse’s village in Sabuwa Local Government Area (LGA), at about 12:25 am on Friday, July 24, left two other members of his family dead.

Recounting the experience, Cisse said the bandits, numbering over 20, did not cover their faces and spoke the Fulani Language.

Though they killed one of Cisse’s father’s younger brothers and his son during the attack, they seemed to have targeted the student as they specifically asked after him, using his nickname. They erroneously thought he was rich.

Cisse before attack
Cisse injured

Cisse said: “The bandits came into our house, even to my room, when they entered my room, they went to my elder brother’s place requesting money and handset from them, but they had no money, except their phones and little change with them.

“I was so perplexed when these hoodlums said they were looking for me. They inquired about Dan-Alhaji, which is my nickname. My elder brother lied to them that they are all ‘Almajiris’ and just came to sleep overnight there. Unfortunately, one of them flashed his torchlight in my direction and shouted to the others, saying, ‘look at him there, look at the rich one here among them.’

“I was beaten black and blue by seven of these raiders. They removed my clothes; they all beat me mercilessly. One hit my chest with the bottom of his gun; and another was hitting my forehead.  They said I should bring my phone. I refused to give them because since I heard they were searching for me.

“I knew they were going to kill me.  They kept beating me till the very last hit on my forehead caused me to faint.  Then one of them said, ‘we have finished him’.  One of the gang members later came back and shot my lap and also pulled the trigger the second time, fortunately for me, the second gun did not hit me.”

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Cisse said the bandits also robbed his parents of their phones and valuables before leaving with his brothers.

“They went to my mummy’s room, scattered her room and carted away her money. They also abducted my three brothers and went to my uncle’s house, took him alongside with my brothers to the bush.

“Luckily, they called the next morning asking how many people they killed. We told them they killed two people because they killed one of my father’s younger brother and his son.

“They asked them that they assassinated one son of Alhaji Aisara (referring to me), but they were told that I survived. So they informed us that we should calm down that the other kidnapped people were safe and would be released with a ransom of N300 million. This is what is happening, and there is nothing I can do as I am still in the hospital and my lap is fractured,” he said in tears.

Weeping bitterly over the insecurity in the country, Cisse appealed to the government to take action to protect the lives of the people.

He also pleaded for financial support from public-spirited Nigerians to help him foot his hospital bill and pay his brothers’ ransom.

“I will be very happy if the people render financial assistance for me to free my brothers that are in the custody of the kidnappers and to clear my medical expenses.


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