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Girls, most men are looking for virgins as wives! (II)


Dear Aunty Temilolu, I’m a virgin and I clocked 35 a few days ago, I’m a caterer and I reside in Lagos. I read your Saturday Punch article about the 33-year-old virgin. It appears I’m the one you were addressing. I made a covenant with God as a child to keep my virginity till marriage. I must confess it hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I cry and ask God why He won’t send me the right man to settle down with in marriage. After reading your article, my spirit is lifted and I know God will surprise me soonest! May God bless you ma for your good works.

Princess Eze

Dear Ma,

I’m a police cadet in the Nigerian Police Force and would like to appreciate your good works. Just when I thought I’m the only one of my kind left- just when I’m about to lose myself to worldly pressure and fake anti-virgin theories, I stumbled upon your inspiring and soul-lifting words. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you big time. I would love to be one of your million daughters if you will permit me. Have a blessed day ma!


Dear Madam,

I just came across your column and I must say it’s quite encouraging! I am a single mother of 4. I just clocked 39 years old. My husband left me 8 years ago and I swore I have not slept with any man. Please is there any side effect? I want a husband and not a boyfriend!


LORD HAVE MERCY! I’m awe-struck and so touched with the above story. I almost can’t believe it coming from a single mother with enormous emotional and material needs. Amazing!

My precious and wonderful sister,

Sincerely, except you’ve not been doing things God’s way in other aspects of your life or making demands from God, you ought to be living the life of your dreams. In fact, with the state of your life and what you’ve painstakingly and unconsciously built in your spirit, you don’t need to struggle for anything. You don’t need to pray too much to have your greatest heart desires. I tell you all you need do is imagine and imagine and let your imagination run wild because in such a situation you are carrying a mighty and immeasurable presence of God and you are a miracle time-bomb waiting to explode. And even if there’s a spiritual angle to why you’ve been unable to give your heart to any man or have the attention of good men all this while, YOU HAVE THE VERY BEST OF THE WORLD AT YOUR FEET! Believe me! Or haven’t you ever come across Leviticus 26: 9 where God Himself said

“For I will have respect unto you, and make you fruitful, and multiply you, and establish my covenant with you.”

If the maker of heaven and earth can respect you, then you have the entire world at your feet no matter the adverse combination of circumstances you have to deal with. All you need do is sit at the right hand of God till He makes you a wonderful wonder and showcase you to the world. My goodness! In this day and age? You’re one in a billion!

Believe it or not, with God in your life, you’ve not missed anything. And even if you missed marrying the richest man in Nigeria because you refused to engage in sexual intercourse with him, I assure you his master’s master is on the way to ask for your hand in marriage. And I know God is sending someone who would make you forget about the father of your children after all He’s the one who said it is not good for man to be alone and He will provide a help-meet! Gen. 2:18

Who even knows if that man was approved by God to be your husband? Look here my sister, your life is in your hands right now to decide how beautiful and wondrous you want it to go! This is the best time to activate the power of God in you and ask God for things no one in your generation can boast of and of course a better and heavenly version of your dream man! YOU’VE DONE VERY WELL AND I KNOW GOD WILL HONOUR YOU THIS VERY YEAR IN JESUS NAME!

Same goes for my wonderful 35-year-old and the police cadet I can’t wait to meet! You are both rare gems! Rejoice in the Lord always and dance into your uncommon glory! I pray with all my heart that God will not only surprise you with that man who would catapult your destiny, the fruit of your womb will come in a multiple birth in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!

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