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‘How cost of fertiliser will drive food prices’


Farmers are currently grappling with the rising cost of fertiliser which is an essential input in food production in view of the fact that most of the lands, particularly in major grain-producing regions of northern Nigeria needs the product for good yield.

A survey of the cost of fertiliser by this reporter  in some markets in Nasarawa State portends  danger ahead if the federal government does not step in.

A bag of NPK 15:15:15 now costs N20,000 while NPK 20:10:10 varies between N6,000 and N7,500 depending on the location in some parts of Nasarawa and Abuja.

PFI fertiliser in markets in Akwanga, Lafia, Doma and Agyaragu are above N6,000 even as the official price should not exceed N5,500.

However, many farmers seem to trust the NPK 15:15:15 though most of them do not conduct soil tests to inform their choice.

However, many who spoke with this reporter said NPK 15:15:15 gives them better results.

Notore and Indorama are the two major producers of Urea fertiliser in the country but their products are now becoming unaffordable by many smallholder farmers.

The market price for Indorama in Nasarawa State is now between N10,000 and N11,300 depending on the location. Notore costs a little more at N12,000 and N12,500 also depending on which town you’re buying from.

Analysts view the development as worrisome because it will increase the cost of production, which invariably will also lead to increase in the prices of food items.

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