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How Ozo, Nengi missed chance to be power couple


By Gbenga Bada

Ozo and Nengi may have missed the chance to become a power couple or major threats.

Barring any unforeseen occurrences, they may not go as far as they should in the House. And here’s why:

*Where Nengi missed it

Nengi has proved she’s smart aside from her physical attributes – a mission she told Ebuka during the show’s kick-off.

The 22-year-old entrepreneur from Bayelsa has positioned herself as an enchanting personality, who drew many to herself with her charm until she lost it.

The former model and MBGN top five contestants first missed it when she decided to play the flirting games with some of the male Housemates – Kiddwaya, Prince, Tochi and Ozo.

She even had a conversation with Kiddwaya in their second week and was urged to be free and do whatever excites her.

While Nengi keeps flirting around leaving Ozo to ‘eat from her palms,’ she passed a wrong notion to other Housemates – most especially females, who do not approve of her ways.

From TolaniBaj to Vee, Lucy, Wathoni, and Ka3na, the notion is the same. Just like Laycon’s friends – Vee and TolaniBaj – Erica is toying with his emotions,.Fans and many voters feel Nengi is toying with Ozo’s feelings.

*Ozo gets emotionally imprisoned

27-year-old Ozoemena ‘Ozo’ Chukwu has all the potential to go far in the show. However, he hasn’t been maximising these potentials. The indigene of Imo state had let himself be swayed by emotions and quickly relapsed on his strategies and strongholds.

Ozo is a team player whose leadership skill had won the Housemates their first and only Wager challenge in the third week after he emerged Head of House.

This trained consultant and entrepreneur is smart and brilliant, so much he once had a stint with the UEFA Federation in Europe.

Ozo’s brilliance and leadership traits are so imbued that a couple of the Housemates still remember how he coordinated the House all through the third week when he took charge.

In the fifth week, Ozo’s main attraction is the sultry Nengi and he seems to be putting all his focus on becoming her man rather than remain a friend.

Rather than set his eyes and gaze on the ball, the entrepreneur seems to be fixated with winning Nengi’s heart. And this is not only affecting his game but also limiting his potential.

*The power couple that may never be

Nengi could have kicked off a relationship with Ozo and would have been a power couple in the House. A mix of Nengi’s ability and subtle fierce nature with Ozo’s brilliance and strategy can get them back in the game.

A tag team of Nengi and Ozo would not only make them a power couple but also position them as one of the most enchanting and beautiful couples in the history of BBNaija.

The two have got the poise and the charm, they need to combine it and use it to their advantage. It’s the fifth week and if there’s no better time to combine and re-strategize than now.

One power couple in the house – irrespective of their shortcomings – that a ‘Neozo’ ship could take a cue from is the ‘Kiddrica’ ship.

Erica has got love from so many fans and some can’t even explain why they keep getting enthralled with her personality.

Kiddwaya was quick to notice the power of being a tag team with Erica. Hence, he’s merging his potential and exposure with Erica’s exposure and self-love and attraction to remain a strong contender in the House.

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