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Kanye West is slammed for ‘making a mockery’ of Islam with £180 trainers


Kanye West is slammed for ‘making a mockery’ of Islam after naming latest model of his £180 Yeezy trainers after the Islamic angels of judgement and death

  • Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Israfil and Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Asriel have been slammed
  • Social media users have called them ‘insulting’ and demanded an apology
  • Row follows accusations of cultural appropriation over Kim Kardashian’s Kimono
  • Fall-out saw the star rename the clothing line six days after it was launched 

By Luke Andrews For Mailonline

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Kanye West has been slammed for ‘making a mockery’ of Islam after naming his new £180 trainers after the Islamic angels of judgement and death.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Israfil is already being stocked by Adidas, while the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Asriel is expected to be released next month.

Social media users have taken aim at the former artist and sports company, accusing them of making an ‘extremely hurtful insult’ for the naming which they ‘must make amends for’.

The row follows accusations of cultural appropriation against Kim Kardashian last year – which forced her to announce she would change the name of her skin-tight ‘kimono’ suits just six days after they were released. 

Kimono’s are a long and loose traditional Japanese robe, which are worn by women.

The Yeezy shoes have faced backlash on social media, with angry shoppers accusing Adidas of ‘making a mockery’ of Islam and demanding that they change the name

The Asriel shoes have also been criticised, although they aren’t to be released until September

Kanye West is ‘pushing the boundaries’ of sneaker design with his Yeezy shoes, says Adidas. He is pictured with Kim Kardashian who was slammed in a cultural appropriation row last year over her skin tight brand Kimonos – which were named after traditional Japanese clothes

Social media users are calling for the shoes names to be immediately changed, an apology, and for Adidas to review how it names footwear. 

One enraged shopper criticised the trainer’s on Twitter, writing: ‘Angels, are considered to be blessed creatures of God in Islam as well as other religious.

‘For Adidas to associate what Muslims believe as being such blessed creatures with shoes is an extremely, hurtful insult which they must take amends for. 

‘It is not acceptable to make a mockery out of the beliefs of others. Even if it were to be a mistake, it would be considered extremely heedless to allow such a blunder.’

A second added: ‘Horrible name choice for a shoe. Israfil is one of the four archangels in Islam. Adidas – you should have done your homework. Not too late to fix this.’

And a third said: ‘(Israfil) is an angel held in high regard in the Islamic faith and we as Muslims demand you change the name. 

‘It is highly offensive to the status of this mighty angel.’

Another user added: ‘Enjoy the backlash and outrage huns @kanyewest @theyeezymafia @adidas. This is disgraceful. Shame on you. 

Israfil is one of four archangels in Islam. He is usually depicted with a horn, which he will blow on Qiyamah – or the day of judgement.

Asriel is Islam’s archangel of death, and is said to transport the souls of the deceased after they have passed on.

Kim Kardashian announced last year that she is changing the name of her Kimono Solutionwwear following fierce backlash. She is yet to reveal the new name

Many felt Kim’s trademarked Kimono brand disrespected the traditional 15th century kimono clothing (a Japanese kimono pictured right)

Yeezy is a popular brand of shoe sold by Adidas originals. The sportswear company says online: ‘Chicago-native Kanye West broke new ground in 2015 when he delved into the worlds of fashion and sneakers. 

‘Staples such as the Yeezy 350, Yeezy 500 and Yeezy 700 have become cult favourites, as West continues to push the boundaries of sneaker design.’ 

MailOnline has contacted Adidas for comment.

Who is the angel of judgement Israfil and angel of death Asriel?

The archangel of judgement Israfil


Islamic tradition says this angel will blow a trumpet from the holy rock in Jerusalem when the day of Qiyamah – or judgement – has arrived.

One of four archangels in Islam, he is thought to be the counter-part of the Judeo-Christian archangel Raphael.

His name does not appear in the Quran, although he is mentioned repeatedly.

One passage reads: ‘And the trumpet shall be blown, so all those that are in the heavens and all those that are in the Earth shall swoon, except him whom Allah will.

Then it shall be blown again, then they shall stand up awaiting.’

The archangel of death Asriel / Azrael

Asriel / Azrael

Islamic texts state that he is the angel of death, responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after they have passed on.

He is also said to hold a scroll concerning the fate of mortals, which records and erases names of men at birth and death respectively.

The angel is mentioned by name several times in the Quran, alongside a host of subordinate angels of death that are said to work alongside him.

He is one of four archangels in Islam, alongside Israfil.

The angel is said to look like the ‘grim reaper’ when he was depicted in western culture. 


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