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Lagos APC affirms Igbokwe as Igbo apex leader


By Emmanuel Oladesu, Deputy Editor


All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State has affirmed Joe Igbokwe as the apex leader of Igbo in APC.

Igbokwe, the party’s ex-publicity secretary, had been fighting House of Assembly member Jude Idimogu (Osodi/Isolo Constituency II) over Ndigbo APC leadership.

He has been a party member since the days of the defunct Alliance for Democracy (AD). But Idimogu joined APC in February 2017.

The feuding chieftains were reconciled by the Chairman, Tunde Balogun, who urged them to maintain peace and harmony. He said it was agreed Igbokwe should be the apex leader and Idimogu, the deputy.

Balogun said: “We had a meeting last week and the party resolved that both of them should work as brothers and bring their supporters together to work for Igbo in APC.

“Igbokwe will be the apex leader and Idimogu will be the deputy. Idimogu is young and has a bright future in our party; he must be ready to work with Igbokwe who has been in the party longer.”

Igbokwe, who corroborated Balogun, said the decision was final. “The party leadership has settled the issue and I don’t think there will be any crisis again.”

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But Idimogu said the party never recognised Igbokwe as the apex leader. He said Balogun only admonished the two leaders of Ndigbo in Lagos to work together to advance the cause of Igbo in APC.

He said: “Igbokwe was not recognised as apex leader. Alhaji Tunde Balogun only said the party recognises my efforts and sees that I have prospects than Igbokwe. He said both of us are recognised as leaders and should work together. He did not mention anything about Igbokwe being the apex leader.

“If Igbokwe says he has been recognised as apex leader, he is entitled to his opinion. But I’m telling you what the party leader said. However, I told Balogun that I never gave myself the position of apex leader; my Igbo community leaders did and I will answer to the title because there is a certificate to that effect.

“If Igbokwe is dragging to become apex leader of Government House that is his problem. But what the chairman said was that we are both leaders and we should bring our people together and work for the party’s success.”

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