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Melania Trump’s RNC dress becomes a hilarious meme as people use it as a GREEN SCREEN


Melania Trump’s neon dress at the Republican Convention gets the meme treatment as Twitter turns her into a walking GREEN SCREEN – editing everything from COVID death charts to Stormy Daniels onto the design

  • Melania, 50, wore a neon green dress to the Republican National Convention on Thursday night
  • Twitter users have been using it as a green screen, editing different images onto photo and video of her
  • Some have done funny versions, like with pizza
  • Most edits have been critical, showing COVID-19 death counts, the KKK burning crosses, and Biden and Harris at the DNC
  • Others show Melania’s husband partying with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and smiling with porn star Stormy Daniels

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Melania Trump inadvertently wore a green screen to the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, and social media users were quick to put their own customized spin on the First Lady’s dress.

Last night, the 50-year-old walked hand-in-hand with her husband outside the White House as he accepted the Republican nomination for President — and while her fashion choices are usually widely-discussed and shared on social media, this time supporters and critics alike had a chance to play designer, since Melania’s neon green frock was the same color as a Hollywood green screen.

Dozens of Twitter users — including the official account for The Daily Show — have since edited photos and video of Melania to project different images on her dress.

Some have gone for funny, transforming the fashionable piece into a pizza print. But mostly, political detractors have used the opportunity to highlight Trump criticism.

With some movie magic, Melania’s dress has been edited to show a COVID-19 death count, the KKK burning crosses, her husband partying with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, her husband with porn star Stormy Daniels, and more.

Unintended style statement: Melania Trump inadvertently wore a green screen to the Republican National Convention on Thursday night

Time for some movie magic! The 50-year-old walked outside the White House at the convention in a neon green pleated dress

Whoops! Twitter users quickly began turning the dress into a green screen for their amusement, editing all kinds of images and videos onto it 

But make it fashion! Many Trump critics took on the ‘green screen challenge’ to highlight their criticisms — including the US’ COVID-19 death count

Not what she intended: Many made the pandemic her designer 

It’s a look! One Twitter user turned the coronavirus into a dress pattern

Headlines: COVID-related headlines were a favorite choice on Twitter, where the meme took off as users experimented with different green screen options 

Yikes: Others used uncomfortable images of Trump, like this one of a teenage Ivanka sitting on his lap

Suspect: The Daily Show projected video of Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein onto Melania’s dress

Won’t forget: The Trump-Epstein video was a favorite of Photoshoppers

Girl on fire: Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint made this version of wildfires as a ‘not so subtle reminder this President has set the U.S. to formally exit the Paris Agreement’

Found guilty: One version plastered Melania’s dress with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s mugshot

Other woman: Others used images of Trump with porn star Stormy Daniels

Bold: One Twitter user imagined Melania fielding the ‘who are you wearing’ read carpet question while in a Stormy Daniels dress

Voters: Several used imagery of the KKK; former grand wizard David Duke has come out in support of Trump

Cage dress: Another version shows immigrants locked in crowded cages at the Mexico border

Memorable: Kimberly Guilfoyle’s memorable convention speech made an appearance

The other side: Some saw it as the perfect chance to project support for the Biden/Harris ticket

Blends right in! This edit shows Biden and Harris at the Democratic National Convention

O Canada! One meme-maker used an iconic picture of Melania seeming to moon over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Saucy! The edits weren’t all political or critical — one viewer put Melania in a pizza dress

Meta: This version shows comedian Sarah Cooper doing one of her viral Trump impressions

Don’t care: Melania’s controversial ‘I really don’t care, do u?’ jacket made a reappearance


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