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Mugger slams woman, 85, on the ground during Chicago robbery


Sickening moment mugger drags and then slams woman, 85, walking with a cane on the ground during brutal robbery on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

  • Brazen robbery took place inside parking garage Tuesday morning
  • Video shows a man in a baseball cap following 85-year-old woman with a cane as she approaches back entrance of condo building 
  • He yanks on strap of her cross-body purse, causing her to fall backward onto concrete floor 
  • Mugger snatches the bag and flees, but drops it a few steps away
  • Alleged accomplice then slowly picks up the bag and leaves as the woman lays motionless on the ground 
  • Victim suffered a wound on the back of her head but is expected to recover 

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A disturbing video has emerged out of Chicago, showing a robber violently dragging an 85-year-old woman and slamming her to the ground to steal her purse outside a condominium along the Magnificent Mile. 

The cowardly attack took place just after 10.30am on Tuesday as the victim was walking with a cane toward the back entrance of her condo building in the 100 block of East Grand Avenue, which is around the corner from the main entrance in the 500 block of North Michigan Avenue, better known as the Magnificent Mile. 

As surveillance video from the building’s parking garage shows, a man in a baseball cap and a plastic bag in his left hand follows the elderly woman as she approaches the door and enters. 

An 85-year-old woman was approaching the back entrance of her condo building on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago on Tuesday morning when she was brutally mugged 

Surveillance video shows a man in a ball cap trailing the woman walking with a cane and following her through the door. He then yanks the strap of her bag with force 

The brute tugs on the cross-body purse, yanking the victim with it

He grabs her black cross-body purse and forcefully yanks it from behind, causing the woman to fall backward, slamming her head on the concrete floor. 

The perpetrator grabs the bag and takes off running, but in his haste drops his loot on the ground.

Moments later, and with the victim still laying motionless on the ground, an alleged accomplice of the mugger slowly picks up the discarded purse and walks away. 

The video ends with a man exiting the building and discovering the victim prostrate on the ground. She moves her right arm and appears to be conscious.

The elderly woman collapses to the concrete and hits the back of her head

The mugger takes off with his loot, leaving the victim motionless on the ground 

In his haste, the perpetrator dropped the bag, leaving a man believed to be an accomplice to come back for it

CWB Chicago reported that the woman was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital to be treated for a wound on the back of her head. She is expected to recover. 

Chicago police are pulling additional surveillance video from the area in an effort to identify the attack and his two suspected henchmen. 

Chicago has seen a dramatic surge in gun violence and civil unrest, as well as recent incidents of looting along the Magnificent Mile. 

The famed street lined with upscale boutiques and restaurants also has been drawing crowds of Black Live Matters protesters in recent months, with another rally against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin planned for this coming Saturday.     


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