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Okunbo to citizens: our dream state is possible


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Business mogul and Edo State leader, Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo, has said an Edo State of the dream of all citizens is possible.

He urged the people to ensure a hitch-free governorship election on September 19.

Speaking at his Abuja office, Okunbo said the only home he knows and will always cherish is Edo State; adding that a free and violence-free election is the least the state is owed by her citizens.

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“I love my state and will always like her progress, which can only be guaranteed by capable and responsible leadership. This is what I want Edo residents to ensure by voting wisely next month,” he said.

Okunbo said he would like to retire home one day and eat a delicacy his grandmother brought him up with.

“I will like to eat roasted yam with palm oil; which was the delicacy my grandmother brought me up with. Then I can tie my wrapper, go to the palace and make my king laugh,” he added.

On the attacks on his person by some disgruntled elements, Okunbo said he has chosen to remain a father to all.

He added that as a father to all, he would not exchange words with those he was supposed to be leading.

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