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Portugal’s President Dives Into Water, Saves 2 Women From Drowning


President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of Portugal has rescued two women from drowning at the Algarve beach water after their kayak capsized.

According to BBC, the 71-year President was pictured swimming over to the kayakers who were struggling in the water.

De Sousa later told the press that the women had been swept by currents from a neighbouring beach into the bay.

The Portuguese number one citizen is currently on holiday in the Algarve which is aimed at promoting tourism in the area.

Portugal’s economy relies heavily on its tourism industry, which has been hugely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The President noticed the drowning women shortly after he had spoken to journalists at Praia do Alvor beach.

Video footage caught the moment he swam into the water to assist them.

After rescuing the woman, President Sousa told journalists,

“As there is a very large west current, they were dragged out, turned around, swallowed a lot of water and were not even able to turn [the kayak], nor to climb [on it], or swim, such is the strength of the current.”

The President said he was helped by another “patriot” on the jet ski.

Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa, ComSE, GCIH is a Portuguese politician, academic and journalist serving as the 20th and current President of Portugal, since 9 March 2016.

A member of the Social Democratic Party, Rebelo de Sousa has served as a government minister, parliamentarian in the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, legal scholar, journalist, political analyst and law professor.

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