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Prince, Tolanibaj agree to start all over again


By Gbenga Bada

On day 40, Prince and Tolanibaj agreed to start their relationship all over again.

Few hours before the kick-off of the wager task on Thursday night, Tolanibaj and Prince decided to speak about their relationship.

While other Housemates were doing one activity or the other, they decided to have a heart- to- heart discussion in the lounge.

Tolanibaj expressed her disappointment at how Prince refuses to open up to her and how she continues to discover his personality daily.

Tolanibaj also revealed she still has feelings that Prince doesn’t like her as much as she would want him to, or perhaps, he just sucks at showing his feelings towards her.

Prince tried to defend himself, saying he blames his growing up and is sorry for making Tolanibaj feel the way she feels.

He also said if Tolanibaj decides to move on, he’d understand.

At the end of the conversation, they agreed to start all over again as friends and see where the friendship leads to.

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