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Relationship Gone Awry: Ex-Imo State Governor In Dirty Fight With Mistress


The Inspector-General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, has stepped in following a fight between a former Governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim and a Nigeria woman, with whom he had a relationship with.

Ohakim accused the woman, identified as Chinyere Amuchienwa from Imo State, of physically assaulting him in his hotel room in Abuja.

Ms Amuchienwa lives in Lagos where she she sells luxury items.

The 63-year-old ex-governor ruled Imo State from 20017 to 2011 and has been married to for about 39 years to Chioma Ohakim, the mother of his five children.

In a petition dated January 20, 2020, which he sent to the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, and sighted by PREMIUM TIMES, Mr Ohakim said,

“On Saturday, January 18, 2020, Miss Chinyere physically assaulted me. She deceived me and lured me with a meeting request. I subsequently invited her to my hotel room at BON Hotel, Asokoro and she arrived at about 20:15 p.m.

“Directly I opened the door quite innocently, pandemonium took over, she bounced on me grabbing me by my shirt with all her strength and gave me a violent push.

“As I staggered to recover, she rushed for my phone on the table and a struggle ensured (sic). Directly I retrieved the phones from her and she immediately rushed to grab something from her bag which I strongly suspected to be a gun.”

Mr Ohakim added that he ran outside his room, shouting for help and the incident was captured in the hotel’s CCTV.

The ex-governor reportedly told the police that Ms Amuchienwa is a 56-year-old divorcee.

According to Premium Times, Ohakim said Ms Amuchienwa has been his friend whom he “lavishly extended a lot of favour to” and that she was even involved in his failed 2019 governorship election campaign, but that the relationship went sour and since then she has been threatening to “blackmail” and “destroy” him.

The police, in a letter signed by Abdulkadir Jimoh (a Commissioner of Police), responded to Mr Ohakim’s petition and asked him to report at the force CID for an interview on June 1, adding that he comes around with relevant evidence.

Premium Times further reports that both Ohakim and the Estranged mistress reported at the force CID and were interviewed by the assistant inspector-general of police in charge of the Force Intelligence Bureau.

Ms Amuchienwa added that while she reportedly tendered her own useful evidence, Ohakim did not submit any evidence.

She also confirmed that she and the ex-governor were involved in a romantic affair.

Attempts made by the media to reach the ex-former or his relatives to confirm the incident ended in futility.

According to reports, Mr Ohakim, through his lawyers, J. N. Egwuonwu & Co., wrote to the inspector-general of police on July 20 requesting copies of the documents tendered by Ms Amuchienwa, including her account statement with Access Bank, which the lawyers said she claimed she used to transfer some money to Mr Ohakim.

In a question and answer session, Ms Amuchienwa confirmed her relationship with the ex-governor saying, “I am an adult and I am entitled to date anybody I choose to.”

She added that the feud between her and Ohakim was about money which he took from her and is yet to return, adding that he visited her shop in Lagos and carted away designer suitcase, bags, shoes, and other luxury goods, which he has allegedly refused to pay for.

These items taken from Amuchienwa’s shop, according to Mr Ohakim, were reportedly gifts.

“Two or three times she travelled out, she bought some gift items for me purely unsolicited and in reciprocal to mine. Items such as coffee, perfume, bag and shirt,” Ohakim said in his petition.

Amuchienwa in her interview called Ohakim a scammer, saying,

“I kept asking (Ohakim) every day, ‘What do you do for a living?’ The day I knew he was a scammer was the day he made a voice note and mentioned that he took my $200,000.”

She debunked the physical assault at BON Hotel, saying he invited her to the hotel and she thought he wanted to repay her money.

“I was invited to the hotel, the appointment was made (since) last year when I said I would not see him anymore…. And it’s still based on the money Ohakim is owing me. We don’t have any reason to meet anymore, we don’t even have any communication anymore.”

She accused the former governor of running out of the hotel with her phone and that her bag was checked to ensure she did not come in with a gun.

Both of them were subsequently interviewed at the Asokoro police station over the incident.

More Allegations Against Ms Amuchienwa

Mr Ohakim petitioned the IGP that Ms Amuchienwa and some thugs barricaded the entrance of his Abuja residence in May 2019. However, she denied the allegations. 

Ohakim also accused her of being unable to account for N100 million which he gave to her as campaign funds in Ideato North Local Government Area, Imo state, where she was the co-ordinator.

She responded that he had no evidence to prove this at the force CID.

She said:

“They asked him (Ohakim), ‘you said you gave her N100 million, how did you give it to her?’ He said he was the one who carried it (in cash) to her. Nobody was there? No signature?

“I have never asked him for N700 million (as he is claiming in his petition),” she said. “I don’t blackmail. All I want is for Ikedi Ohakim to give me back my money.”

“Ikedi Ohakim brought land document and showed to me, he said the land belonged to him. The land is on the airport road in Lagos, he even took us there. He said he was waiting for payment from the buyer of the land and that when they pay him he would be able to pay (me my money).

“It was when this trouble started that we discovered the land didn’t belong to Ikedi Ohakim. It is this land he has been using to scam me.

“The witnesses who are aware that I gave him money have volunteered their statement to the police,”

When PREMIUM TIMES asked Ms Amuchienwa if she did not consider Mr Ohakim’s marital status, she said:

“Is he married? Why do you people want me to get into that point? Is Ikedi Ohakim married?” she responded.

The Street Journal/ PREMIUM TIMES

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