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Senate Clears Ocean Marine Solutions Limited (OSML) Of Alleged Illegal Security Activities At SAA


The Nigerian Senate, at the tail-end of 2019, cleared the Ocean Marine Solutions Limited (OMSL) of allegations of illegal security activities at the Secure Anchorage Area of the Lagos Ports.

OMSL is a leading asset company dedicated to protecting the country’s resources from graft and illegal activities and owned by Edo billionaire businessman, Capt. Hosa Wells Okunbo.

Recall that in January 2019, OMSL decried the alleged blackmail, smear campaign and defamatory publications concerning its operations by those charged with the surveillance of Trans Forcados Pipeline, TFP.

The TFP is a vital piece of Nigeria’s national infrastructure capable of transporting 200,000 to 240,000 barrels of oil per day equivalent to 14 per cent of Nigeria’s daily production.

This prompted the firm to call on the Federal Government to investigate the alleged “calamitous mismanagement” of TFP and hold accountable those responsible, vowing not to be intimidated by “desperate” players in the sector.

OMSL, in a statement, said:

“ln recent weeks, OMSL has been the victim of a crude smear campaign orchestrated by desperate factions who are fearful that their lucrative abuse of the TFP would be over if OMS takes over the responsibility for security and surveillance.”

The firm wondered if this was not a scenario of oil thieves and illegal bunkers fighting back?

Following a thorough investigation by the Senate and all other relevant committees, OMSL was cleared of all negative allegations.

The Senate, in a letter titled REPORT ON THE INVESTIGATION OF THE ILLEGAL SECURITY ACTIVITIES BY OCEAN MARINE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (OMSL) AT THE SECURE ANCHORAGE AREA (SAA) OF LAGOS PORTS, address to the CEO of OSML and signed by the former Clerk of the National Assembly, M.A. Sani-Omlori, commended the firm for its selfless services in securing the resources of Nigeria.

After the investigation, the Senate in the letter gave the following resolutions:

“that the Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Ports Authority and NIMASA should be commended for initiating and implementing a process that led to the provision of enhanced and advanced maritime security in the Secured Anchorage Area (SAA) in the Lagos waters in 2013 that has led to checkmating the high rate of attacks on vessels waiting to birth the Lagos ports.

“That the Ocean Marine Solution Limited (OMSL) should be commended for its genuine national interests in investing over Four Hundred Million Dollars ($400,000,000) into the security at the Secured Anchorage Area (SAA) in particular and the Nigerian waterways in general by providing the needed platforms and logistics for the Nigerian Navy to effectively perform 24/7/365 patrol operations as well as to provide the required protection for vessels waiting to begin at the Lagos Ports.

“that since no fraud is found in the operation of OMSL and is operating at no cost to Government, OMSL should be allowed to continue its operation at the SAA until such time when a better and more cost-effective system is put in place by the Government, and…

“that the Nigerian Navy should be properly funded to enable it to procure needed vessels to clear the over on hundred and fifty (150) vessels deficit to enable them to carry out their constitutional responsibilities without depending on Private Maritime Logistics Support Companies (PMLSC).”

Below is a video of the CEO of OMSL, Capt. Hosa Okunbo, addressing the Senate committee on OMSL, as well as the Senate’s final report on the investigation.





Video Credit: The Nation

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Senate Clears Ocean Marine Solutions Limited (OSML) Of Alleged Illegal Security Activities At SAA

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