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Stop shouting, Erica cautions Lucy


Adeniyi Adewoyin

Ex-Head of House Erica has advised Lucy to cultivate the habit of calmness while talking to other Housemates.

Erica told Lucy the reason she feels people don’t like her is because she shouts at them while trying to prove her point which makes other housemates defend themselves.

The trained actress said it would be better if Lucy can be more relaxed and try a calmer approach in the process of laying her complaints.

“You are very emotional and I am too. Whenever you talk, you shout and that is the only reason why people vex,” she said.

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Erica continued: “We just had a conversation now, you told me you didn’t like something I did and you didn’t shout at me and we are fine.

“But normally when you talk you shout but people will want to form you can’t shout at them. That is how human beings are.

“Manner of approach matters, if the goal is to get what you want then talk to people the way they will actually sit-down and think”.

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