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US mother who doesn’t recognize that her child is transgender goes viral on social media


Mother who refuses to accept her son is transgender is slammed for hijacking his social media accounts and demanding that he be referred to by ‘deadname’ he was given at birth

  • US mother blasted her son’s social media followers for not calling him Danika
  • Woman said those who call her child Alex will be removed from his life 
  • Alex, who was born female but identifies as male, stayed silent in the footage 
  • Social media users blasted the viral video using #HisNameIsAlex 

By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline

Published: | Updated:

A mother who refuses to accept her son is transgender has been blasted by social media users after hijacking her child’s TikTok and Instagram accounts to hit out at his supporters. 

The American woman, identified on social media as Tasha Fuller, posted a video to her son Alex’s TikTok and Instagram in which she insists he be called ‘Danika’, the name he was given at birth, and adds: ‘She is my daughter.’ 

Despite Alex’s accounts being deactivated, the clip has gone viral after it was re-shared by social media users, many of whom posted it along with the hashtag #MyNameIsAlex. They also criticized Tasha for repeatedly using her son’s ‘deadname’. 

In the video, Alex is seen sitting next to his mother, remaining speechless as she tells the camera: ‘This is Danika and I am her mother. I gave her the name Danika for a reason. You will address her as Danika or you will not address her at all.’  

An American mother who refuses to accept that her son Alex is transgender has sparked fury online by posting a video to his social media accounts demanding that people call him ‘Danika’

Speaking about her child, who loves Anime and Cosplay, she continued: ‘If you cannot follow her mother’s instructions, you will be removed from her life.

‘Do you understand that. That goes for every single friend she has. Her name is Danika. Not Alex. I am done with this.’  

The painful clip went viral across social media with many showing concern for Alex’s health and safety, as they acknowledged the damage that can be caused by deliberately using the wrong pronouns and deadnaming a transgender person.

Supporter Gabby Jackson, took to to create a petition for Child Protection Services to intervene in the situation, racking up the support of thousands.

‘TW: Transphobia / deadnaming/ ab*se. This is vile. The fear and pain in his eyes is heartbreaking. If you’re not able to love, support and accept your child unconditionally, do not have children. Children are not your property, you do not own them or their identity. #HisNameIsAlex,’ wrote one Twitter user.

The woman – identified online as Tasha Fuller – threatened to remove anyone from Alex’s life who refers to him as male in the clip, in which she deliberately uses the wrong pronouns and deadnames him 

Another said: ‘We need to help this young man out. He has a homophobic mother that needs to be put in her place.’

According to Popbuzz, Tasha who worked as a cook was fired from her job after supporters and content creators contacted her employer about the ‘abusive behavior’.

The mother deleted Alex’s social media accounts but many have continued to show concern for his welfare. 

A stream of social media users blasted the mother and signed a petition to have Child Protection Services intervene in the situation 

One person wrote: ‘#HISNAMEISALEX I’m a teenage trans guy in a majorly hateful environment and it hurts. Hurts so much. I could never imagine my mom finding out and screaming to camera like this. He’s a boy. Get him out.’ 

‘Transphobia is disgusting. How dare you mistreat someone just because they are trans! Hope that poor excuse of a mother goes to jail for her s***** a** behaviour. The fact that this ‘mother’ is doing that to their own son is horrible,’ another said.   

A third added: ‘It was so heartbreaking to see his mother saying such things, HIS NAME IS ALEX and he deserved to be who he wants to be and feel comfortable in his own identity.’ 

Many Twitter users said they had found the video difficult to watch and labelled Tasha an ‘abusive’ mother 


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