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VIDEO: Lady Narrates Her Ordeal In The Hands Of Fulani Kidnappers After They Shot And Killed Her Fiance


A Nigerian lady, Modupeoluwa Oyetoso, has narrated the terrible ordeal she went through in the hands of some Fulani men who shot her fiance in the head and kidnapped her.

The horror incident with the kidnappers occurred when she and her fiance were on their way from her farm in Lanlate town, Ibarapa East Local Government Area of Oyo State.

“I own a farm in Lanlate town, Ibarapa East Local Government Area of Oyo State. We go there Mondays to Friday. My fiance manages a processing factory not too far from my farm. We have a room on my farm where we stay through the week and on Fridays we drive from the farm back to Ibadan town,” Ms Oyetoso said.

Ms Oyetoso whose farm is about 45 minutes to an hour drive from Lanlate town said they encountered the kidnappers who were dressed in Fulani cultural wears, just a few minutes to Ibarapa town.

“The farm to Ibarapa town is about 45 minutes to I hour drive. We were coming back and we saw them just few minutes from Lanlate town. I was not feeling fine, so I reclined my chair. I saw that he swopped, I raised up my head and I saw the Fulani guys…yes dressed as Fulani, armed with cutlass, sticks, guns and other stuff.”

While her fiance tried to manoeuvre the kidnappers, they shot into their car and the bullet hit her fiance at the back of his head.

“We tried to outrun them and I was hoping we could escape. So we left those ones and didn’t know there was another one in front who was probably waiting for us anticipating that we would take a run from him. He shot into the car and that went straight and hit my fiance.”

Immediately the car skidded off the road and stopped, the men kidnapped her and took her into the forest.

She continued, “They opened the car (four of them) and pulled me out. They were angry that we didn’t stop. One of them tried to use a machete on me. They spoke in Yoruba (not smooth Yoruba). They kept shouting and I was shouting Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. They started kicking me. They made no attempt to help my finance whom they just shot. They were more interested in getting me. I was just begging them. They told me to into the bush and start running.”

While they tied her hands with a rope, two of the men, with one holding the rope, led her into the forest; while two others came behind.

Having been kidnapped at about 4 pm, the men made her run with them all through the night through the wet forest.

After running for hours, they brought out her fiance’s phone, smashed it and retrieved the sim card which they inserted into another phone.

The kidnappers then called her family requesting for N50 million as ransom.

“…We stayed in like three locations in the bush. Most times we stayed where there was no network. I was the one always asking them to call my parents. When we sat down, they were telling me that they don’t have cattle, the only thing they do is kidnap for money. All they wanted was money. They told me that when we see robbers, we should always stop.

The kidnappers who suspected that her family were going to get local hunters involved, warned her to instruct her parents not to do so.

At about 12:00 noon the next day and with her father having delays getting the money together, the kidnappers became furious and told her family that she would be killed and her body parts would be sold to those who need them.

One of the kidnappers, with reference to the shooting of her fiance, spoke in Yoruba, telling her to take all that had happened as fate.

When the kidnappers wanted to change their location to the other side of the forest demarcated by a river, the rope was used to pull her through the river whose water level reached her neck due to the heavy rains.

After crossing to the other side of the river, the kidnappers went to get food for her, an indication that they know their ways around the area.

At about 9:00 pm when her dad had secured the ransom and brought it to the location requested by the kidnappers, she was united with him after a lot of hurdles.

She said: “They walked me down and told my father to put on his headlight. So when I got to a point where I could see it (her father’s headlight), they let me go. And I kept on asking the one that was with me hope they won’t hurt my dad?

“He said no. We are not God. We know there is God and we cannot just be killing like that. I didn’t see his face at all. He kept on assuring me that they harm me or my dad and I was going to see my family.

“On my way out of the forest, I saw the remaining three kidnappers sitting, counting the money my father had given them.”

After reuniting with her family, she painfully learnt about her fiance’s death.

She said:

“I asked about my fiance and they told me he was in the hospital. I asked who was with him at the hospital, Are his parents around? they said no. They kept on saying he was in the hospital and he was still not talking. But I saw that even though they were happy, they were not expressing that joy as much as they could. So that when I called my sister and pressed her to talked. She couldn’t say it. She just burst into tears. That was when I knew he was dead.”

Below is a video of her interview

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  1. The fulanis are treated with kids gloves in Nigeria. Very soon these fulanis will be released not minding their crimes

  2. Please, the heads of the villages throughout Oyo state should please send these people away. This is ridiculous, they rape our ladies, kidnapped our people what do you think is next, killing people like that of Southern Kaduna and at end of the day before you know it, our land would be seize from us. Please our Bale of each Villages should take this issue serious than the way you take or else ……

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