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Wedding guest in Texas shoots groom but bride refuses to talk 


Groom shot in the chest by a guest at his own wedding party in Texas but the bride and other witnesses refuse to cooperate with police

  • A Texas groom is in a stable condition after being shot in the chest by a guest to his own wedding on Thursday
  • The groom and his guest are said to have had an altercation before the shooting 
  • The victim and suspect could not be found when police arrived
  • The groom was located in a house across the street in a critical condition and brought to hospital by helicopter  
  • Harris County Sheriff’s Office are still trying to find a suspect
  • The bride and other witnesses were refusing to cooperate 

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A groom in Texas suffered a gunshot wound to the chest after being shot by a guest at his own wedding.   

Witnesses, including the bride, were refusing to cooperate with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as they attempted to track down a suspect and a motive for the shooting. 

Deputies responded to gunshots on the 16800 block of Anna Green Street around 11.26pm Thursday but were initially unable to find the victim.

He was located in a residence across the street with a gunshot wound in a critical condition and transported to Memorial Hermann hospital via helicopter.  

A woman in a white dress was seen waiting on the street as the police investigated. A neighbor reported that the bride ran to look for the shooter after the groom was shot by a guest

Deputies told Click2Houston that the groom was awaiting surgery but was now in a stable condition. 

A video shared by Captain John  Shannon showed the scene as the groom was taken away for medical treatment. Other footage showed him being taken from the house in a stretcher.

‘A groom has been shot on his wedding day. Witnesses not cooperating with responding officers. Groom was lifeflighted in critical condition,’ he wrote. 

Deputies added that three people who were with the groom were detained as they tried to draw information from witnesses.  

‘Witnesses on scene thus far have been uncooperative but the investigation is active,’ Capt Shannon told ABC 13

‘People at the house have been detained until we can get their witness statements.’ 

Investigators say they believe the guest got into an altercation with the groom before shooting him. 

They said the suspect was not at the scene when they responded. 

The groom was seen being brought from the house across the street on a stretcher

Police detained witnesses as they tried to piece together what had happened

The white wedding day signs could still be seen on the lawn the day after the shooting

As deputies carried out their investigation other wedding guests and the bride were seen waiting on the street outside the house where wedding day signs and decorations still hung. 

One witness claimed the bride went looking for the shooter after they heard the gunshots.   

‘It was loud, really loud,’ one neighbor told Click2Houston.

‘My daughter ran into my room and said, “Mom, there’s shots, there’s shots, there’s shots.” So we came outside to see what was going on and we saw the bride come out and she started yelling, “Where is he? Where is he? I need to find him”.’

Another neighbor claimed that they found a person in their backyard following the shooting and that there was a hole in the fence. 

The sheriff’s office is still looking for the shooter and has not released further details about the incident. 


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