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‘Why Edo should vote Ize-Iyamu’


Queen Mother Esther Imonah, widow of the late Oje I of Ora, Mathew Ehijagbon Imonah, urges voters to vote for the Edo State All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, because he has the vision, experience and compassion for the people.

Leadership, simplest put, is directing a unit towards its purpose and growth. But, it requires more than paper qualification to be a good leader. It requires kindness, compassion, and empathy.

This is because oftentimes, responsibilities and demands on the job, far outweigh the reward for leadership, in whatever form.

To effectively lead, therefore, one needs the human character of understanding, honesty and integrity – a certain kind of unexplainable compulsion to see to the welfare of fellow humans, regardless of benefit.

To lead is to love, to give oneself out to the service of community, to their happiness and earn the sense of fulfillment of one’s neighbours.

Leadership, for these reasons, is best understood in those positions of less significance, in groups and associations without material or immediate benefit, without glamorous publicity—for there, one’s true character reveals. It is far better, even, in acts of service giving outside of the bounds of officially constituted bodies—for there, one’s true intention is made known.

Such has been the quality that defines the life and times of the Ize-Iyamus, a man and a woman who, coming together as husband and wife, have shared in the same and exact principles, virtues, and characters.

Without the confines and compulsion of elected office, they yet share a legacy of overflowing kindness, compassion, and empathy. Such acts of kindness hardly enjoy publicity.  Hence, they are less known to the people — until moments like the one with Mrs. Esther Imonah (Queen Mother), widow of the Late Oje 1 of Ora HRH Mathew Ehijagbon Imonah, happens.

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At  Sabongida Ora in Owan West LGA of Edo State, the deeply touched woman, in receiving a surprise delegation, led by Prof. Idia Ize-Iyamu, who had come to warm her up in the cozy early stages of widowhood, opened up on the selfless attitude of the Ize-Iyamus, towards her family for years nows.

Recounting her experience, one could see the overwhelming love, the deep affectation that defines her conviction, a scenario of sober joy and inexpressible gratitude. And it is okay and understandable because how can one explain the empathy that compels an individual to leave their campaign trail only to come, physically and bodily present, to wish the daughter of a friend a happy birthday.

That, exactly, is the life of the Ize-Iyamus. Leaving the peak of 2016 campaigns where all the cameras and glamour were, they visited to honour a young girl marking her birthday.

Thus, the Ize-Iyamus left the public space, a campaign at which they were making a case for governor, to join and drive private laughter and warmth,  at this happy event. Such love and warmth can only be by a people who understand the virtues of empathy, love, kindness, faithfulness, and compassion.

The Ora Queen Mother provided more testimonies to the loving-kindness of the Ize-Iyamus, adding that is particular act stood out with a particular kind deed standing out.

Her daughter had taken ill. But, she had hidden the fact from the Ize-Iyamu to stop them from worry. Somehow, however, they found out and took charge. They immediately took full responsibility for her treatments, moving her from the striking UBTH to a private hospital.

“They are beautiful inside and out,” Mrs. Esther Imonah said.

This trait and the  of the  aforementioned virtues of the Ize-Iyamus, she said, were precisely what Edo State needs to heal and restore dignity to the state’s highest office.

These virtues are needed to heal the injuries of bitter and divisive politics,  perpetrated by those who want to force themselves on the people for another four years; these virtues needed to take back our experiences and rewrite our collective memories for goodness and kindness.

These are the qualities of a good leader. They come together to build leaders who understand that power pursuit is not ultimate but the very amicable participation in the lives of the led.

The Ize-Iyamus are the antidote to the scourge that has blighted Edo for the past four years.

Love, consistent with unbridled kindness, conquers all things.

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