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Zimbabwe: Ruling Party Warns Corrupt Law Officers


Zanu PF party has warned that it is ready to have law enforcement agents conniving with opposition MDC Alliance-led councils in the rampant illegal allocation of residential and commercial stands in urban areas punished.

In a statement yesterday, acting Zanu PF spokesman Cde Patrick Chinamasa said any law enforcement officer promoting corruption by not prosecuting cases brought to their attention by whistle-blowers and concerned members of the public, will soon be brought to book.

Zanu PF neither supported land barons nor anyone fleecing home-seekers of their hard earned money and was strongly against acts of corruption, illegalities and abuse of office that were affecting service delivery.

“There is no water reticulation, no roads, no refuse collection, no sewage reticulation and no electricity connection, making urban councils a health time bomb waiting to explode.

“Land set aside for recreational facilities, wetlands, areas reserved for road infrastructure, schools and clinics, have been parcelled out and turned into cash cows by corrupt councillors and council officials,” said Cde Chinamasa.

Cde Chinamasa said the ruling party had gathered that mayors and councillors were demanding kickbacks to sign recommendation letters for the allocation of residential, commercial, church, recreational and industrial stands.

Council officials had formed cartels cutting across departments and involving outside agents, to ensure swift illegal town planning, surveying, undervaluation and disposal of council land, with proceeds being pocketed by the syndicates.

Dubious policies had been put in place to ensure the continued looting of land, including provisions entitling councillors to a residential and commercial stand for every five-year term of office.

Council employees were also required to pay only 30 percent of the value of residential stands allocated to them.

“Zanu PF is calling upon all local authorities run by the opposition, the respective mayors, councillors, town clerks, senior municipal officials and all employees to desist all manner of corruption, including acceptance of bribes and nepotism.

“We are calling on all segments of the splitting MDC, to join hands with Zanu PF in taking all the necessary measures, including reporting all corrupt MDC mayors and councillors as well as council employees, to law enforcement agents of Government so that such people are arrested and prosecuted accordingly,” said Cde Chinamasa.

The opposition MDC-T party led by Dr Thokozani Khupe has already recalled the mayor of Harare Herbert Gomba and several councillors on a slew of corruption allegations.

Gomba is now facing prosecution for criminal abuse of office and has been granted $10 000 bail by the Anti-Corruption Court of the High Court, pending his trial.

As part of his bail conditions, Gomba has been banned from setting foot at Town House and from dealing with municipal officials.

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