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Zulum: Whodunnit?


Lawal Ogienagbon


IT takes a daredevil to attack a governor’s convoy. Or put in another way: it takes a mad man or a suicide case to launch such an attack. Anybody contemplating to attack a governor must be fed up with life. Governors move with an army, so to say. Their entourage comprises all manner of security aides, who are the best in their trade. It came as a surprise when the news broke on July 29 of the attack on Borno State Governor Babagana Zulum on the Baga-Maiduguri Road. Maiduguri is the epicentre of Boko Haram insurgency and the governor has never hidden his desire  to end their evil reign.

With the military claiming to have flushed the insurgents out of Baga, Zulum felt confident to embark on his trip. But along the way, he was attacked. He felt bad and rightly so too, since he had been assured that the coast was clear before he moved out. He has since accused the military of masterminding the attack. On its part, the military is pointing fingers at Boko Haram. Where was  the military  when the insurgents struck?

If you saw the video of how Zulum’s security aides shepherded him into a police armoured tank, you will know what he went through that fateful day. But whodunnit? as the Americans will say.

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