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16-year-old TikTok star Charli D’Amelio reveals she is struggling with an eating disorder


16-year-old TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio has revealed that she is battling an eating disorder, speaking out about her personal struggle in a candid Instagram post. 

The teenager, who is from Connecticut, admitted that she has ‘been afraid’ to speak about it publicly, explaining that she found it hard to open up even to her closest friends and family. 

‘It’s so uncomfortable to admit to even your closest friends and family, let alone the world,’ she wrote in her Instagram Stories post. ‘I’ve been afraid to share that I have an eating disorder, but ultimately I hope that by sharing this I can help someone else.’

Speaking out: 16-year-old TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has revealed she is struggling with an eating disorder in a candid new Instagram post 

Fear: The teenage social media star, who is from Connecticut, admitted that she had been ‘afraid’ to discuss her struggles publicly before now 

Candid: In a post shared on her Instagram Stories, Charli said, ‘It’s so uncomfortable to admit to even your closest friends and family, let alone the world’

Charli, who is the most-followed star on TikTok with more than 86 million fans, did not explain what prompted her to speak out about her eating disorder struggles, however she went on to apologize to anyone she may have unknowingly ‘triggered’ in the past by featuring songs with upsetting lyrics on her TikTok. 

The dancer and influencer recently came under fire for featuring the song Prom Queen by Beach Bunny on her account because it includes lyrics like, ‘Shut up, count your calories,’ and, ‘Wish I, was like you, blue-eyed blondie, perfect body.’ 

‘I know eating disorders are something that so many other people are also battling behind closed doors,’ she continued. 

‘To anyone I could have hurt by unintentionally playing a song and no realizing that those lyrics could have triggered you, I deeply and truly apologize and I hope you know that I never intended to cause you harm.’ 

Charli concluded her post by sharing words of comfort for anyone else who is going through, or has experienced, similar struggles, while sharing a link to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).  

‘For anyone that is struggling with this, I know some days can be worse than others,’ she said, while urging those people to ‘get help if you need it’.  

Star: The teen has been skyrocketed to stardom over the last 18 months, after earning the top spot as TikTok’s most-followed user, with more than 86 million fans and counting 

Role model: Charli has previously opened up about struggling with body dysmorphia while discussing the cruel body-shaming comments she faces on a daily basis 

Talents: Before earning TikTok fame, the teenager was a competition dancer – and she has now translated those skills to the social media app, where her routines earn millions of views 

‘I need you to know you are not alone,’ Charli added. ‘Remember it’s OK to reach out and get help. We all need help sometimes. I love you all and please stay strong.’ 

The post marks the first time that the teen has publicly shared her eating disorder struggles, however she has previously spoken out about the many body-shaming comments she has faced on TikTok and other social media platforms while urging people to stop passing comment on others’ bodies. 

Taking to Twitter in April, Charli wrote: ‘Stop talking about my body! It’s not your place to tell me if I’m losing weight or gaining weight. 

‘Why don’t we all just be respectful and understand that we should just be kind and uplift everyone instead of trying to bring others down… 

‘I’ve seen these videos about me my friends and complete strangers but it doesn’t matter who you’re doing it to, it’s never okay and I feel like I really needed to say that. I love you all but please stop!’

Months earlier, in a video filmed for UNICEF’s Safer Internet Day, Charli opened up about how she deals with online bullying, explaining that the ‘most hurtful comments’ she sees about herself online are the ones regarding her appearance.  

Close: Charli’s sister Dixie, 19, and her parents, Marc and Heidi, have all found their own success online – and it has been reported that the family are filming their own reality show

On the rise: The teen is earning fame outside of the social media app, thanks to appearances on TV shows like Jimmy Fallon and at events, including Prada’s Fashion Week show

At the time, she revealed that she had been grappling with body dysmorphia and ‘bad eating habits’, but did not then share details about her eating disorder. 

‘Some of the most hurtful comments I read about myself online are, “She’s fatter than when we got her famous,” or “She’s ugly.” A lot about my body shape, my body type,’ she said. 

‘[It] hits close to home because I struggled a lot with body image, body dysmorphia, bad eating habits. No one really knows that… It hurts for everyone no matter who you are. Getting hundreds of thousands of hate comments per week is a lot to handle.’ 

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