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2023: Economy as Holy Grail


SIR: A key dynamic, taken from man’s earliest recordings of human society reveals in stark relief, that – societies have started wars and intervened to maintain the peace – to perpetuate and sustain economic interests.

If on the verge of 60 years of indigenous rule, we have not learnt our lessons and been sufficiently jolted from an afflicted inertia, then surely a critical take-away from the novel Coronavirus pandemic must  be to henceforth very stringently set-up the economy as the “Holy Grail” in our societal order of priorities upon which leadership is measured.

The Nigerian people – and very critically elitist key influencers from elder statesmen and women, traditional and religious leaders, professional bodies, civil societies, unions, social cultural groups, entertainment and media luminaries e.t.c. – must collectively awaken to the ever-looming dark portent of the hydra-headed monster unleashed by our economic malaise. It is of urgent imperative from hereon that sterner tests are set for those who would seek to preside over our economy.

If only for the sake of base self preservation, elitist citizen sentinels must see their way towards the task of holding leadership responsible. In this task, more than any other group of Nigerians – industry and business leaders must step up. These men and women who by the sheer magnitude of capital and infrastructural commitments, have tied their fate to the endurement of the Nigerian Estate must take a firmer hand as pestilential floods insistently threaten the estate. Theirs is not the conundrum of carpetbaggers – who will at the spark of a match, only have briefcases to tot!

At the next go-round in 2023, Nigerians cannot afford to remotely consider anyone for office of president who has not outlined and taken ownership of a clear and unambiguous economic blueprint that shows a pathway for the sustained growth of indigenous industry and businesses. Critically, those seeking other elective offices at the centre and in the sub-national federating units must also be put through the non-alien test – as surely only aliens would not want to promote their own! For so long as we have leaders who find it abhorrent, beneath them to even in official capacity use made-in-Nigeria – so long will we continue to have waka-pass alien conquerors in leadership positions, thus stagnating our growth.

The correlation between leadership and policies of state that distinguishes thriving and progressive economies from those in the doldrums have been amply highlighted through the ages – those societies with better economies will always reflect leadership that are consistently poised to by any means – preserve, sustain and perpetuate their economic interests and ascendency. The very foundation of the better economies – is built on the patronage of indigenous industry and businesses from within championed by leadership.

Nigeria must begin now to put that foundation in place – the sustainability of the Nigerian enterprise demands it.

  • Victor Ikhatalor,

[email protected]

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