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4 easy ways to get over heartbreak


4 easy ways to get over heartbreak

By Sherifat Lawal

There is little worse than heartbreak. When it happens, it can be one of the most difficult experiences one may have to pull through.

Breakups are never easy. We find ourselves in a state of mind unlike any other, unable to concentrate on anything else, an absolute obsession over the other party, and an utter feeling of hopelessness and despair that can hang over one for months.

Have you ever felt this way? Below are four easy ways that you can get over heartbreak

Accept the break-up and live in the reality of it

The worse treatment a person can give herself while dealing with heartbreak is to live in denial of it. That the other party will come back and the relationship continues only happens in very rear cases. Face the heartbreak, don’t lie to yourself or anyone else that you are fine because you are not. Do not suppress the feeling of sadness, let it flow, and gradually get over it.

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Cry, it’s important that you don’t bottle feeling up

It’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to cry, some people try their hardest not to cry or feel angry about the end of their relationship. Crying is a good and healthy way to express extreme feelings. However, it’s a natural reaction to feel a certain way. You should not feel bad about your emotions. In fact, it is best to take some time to explore how you are feeling.

Focus on your physical well-being

When you treat your body well, you will notice a positive change in your mental health as well. Eat well and exercise. Focus on foods filled with high nutritional values. Take some time to exercise your body, a body in motion stays in motion.

Get busy doing other things

The best way to get over the past is to create a new, without the other party in it. The last thing you need is too much time on your hands. You may end up dwelling on the breakup, causing you to feel bad about yourself. Instead, fill up your calendar with different events to keep you busy. The goal is to distract yourself with new ideas and activities and to meet new people.


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