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Aboyeji admonishes Christians to forgive offenders, pray for them


The General Overseer of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, Rev. Sam Aboyeji has admonished Christians to forgive and pray for those who have wronged them whether they realise it or not.

He said Christians should make someone happy by forgiving one another and not minding who caused the offence. He said forgiveness is what distinguishes a true Christian from unbelievers. He said those who forgive from their hearts and refuse to make reference to the offence any more are true sons and daughters of God.

Speaking on Eko 89.7FM, Aboyeji, who described forgiveness as an act of grace, argued that one cannot be a peacemaker and at the same time a troublemaker. He lamented that the unforgiven spirit has ruined many homes from receiving God. He urged Christians to forgive any one who has wronged them whether brother, sister, husband, wife, or members of the church because there are consequences.

The consequences, according to him, include unacceptable offering and unanswered prayer.

He said: “You cannot be a child of God and be causing trouble. It is against the spirit of God. Follow peace with all men. If you have offended anybody confess because confession of sins is the source of healing. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healings are available all by confession.

“For instance, there was a girl of about eight years, her mother wanted to discipline her and choke her fingers into her eyes and she became blind. Years after that event, she gave her life to Christ, today she is mature and is doing well in ministry and her mother is the one taking her round. Then, one day, she was asked ‘how were you able to cope?’ she said ‘once Jesus forgave me my sins the next thing I did was to forgive my mother.’ Today, she is making waves as a minister of the gospel. I don’t know who has offended you; it can’t be as bad as that.”

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