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Are these the world’s WORST fashion fails?


Call the fashion police! Hilarious social media snaps capture VERY bizarre style choices – including bikini sandals and a Vladimir Putin ball gown

  • People from all over the world shared most hilarious fashion fails they’ve seen
  • The wardrobe disasters were gathered in an online gallery by Bored Panda
  • Amongst images is one woman wearing sandals designed to look like bikinis

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline

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While the majority of us have committed a crime against fashion at some point in our lifetime, some retailers have taken it to a whole new level.   

Some of the most offensive fashion fails from across the globe have been collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda.

Amongst the funniest of faux pas includes a commuter wearing sequin bikini-inspired flip flops, and a man with an unfortunately placed wind emoji on the back of his trousers. 

Elsewhere, one woman was in for quite the shock when the leggings she ordered turned up – looking a lot more racier than she expected.  

In New York, this shopper was spotted wearing tracksuit bottoms adorned with an amusingly placed wind emoji 

This commuter, from an unknown location, was spotted donning a pair of flip flops designed to look like sequinned bikinis 

One youngster, from an unknown location, looked less than impressed when he sported a rather unusual looking raincoat 

This woman, from an unknown location, picked up a Louis Vuitton fake bag shaped like a white poo emoji – complete with symbols 

These pair of jeans, worn by a member of the public from an unknown location, feature a rather pointless pocket 

One retailer, from an unknown location, didn’t think the design of this top through before they sent it to the manufacturer 

A woman, from Glasgow, shared a picture of some leggings she had ordered online – but was shocked to discovered they looked much more revealing in person 

Another person, from an unknown location, posted a snap of this Russian woman wearing a dress adorned with a drawing of Vladimir Putin doing judo

A man, believed to be from the US, shared this bizarre t-shirt with featured golden jewels sewn in at the armpits 

A woman named Han Rose, from an unknown location, was left confused by the design of this bag, which was placed on the shoe shelf in a charity shop

Another shopper, from the US, combined the design of cowboy boots and trainers – and it resulted in these 

No horsing around! One person, from an unknown location, shared a snap of these pair of heels, which are shaped to look like white and black hooves 


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