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Are these the world’s WORST real estate photos?


That’s not the way to attract buyers! Bizarre real estate photos including VERY grim properties and dubious Photoshopping will not make you rush to put down a deposit

  • People from across the globe have shared amusing real estate photos to Reddit
  • Amongst strangest of images includes a couch superimposed into the lounge 
  • Elsewhere, snow has been painted onto the roof and a garden is made to look 

By Chloe Morgan For Mailonline

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For most homeowners hoping to sell a property, the polish comes out in a bid to get the place in tip top condition ready for potential buyers. 

However, this selection of bizarre real estate agent photos, shared to Reddit and Powersiteblog, prove that some people still have quite a lot to learn – so it’s no surprise their listings are still on the market. 

Among the amusing images, which have been taken all over the globe, includes a homeowner who superimposed a flower pot on the kitchen worktop to make it look more homely, and a garden which features grass far too green and pristine. 

Elsewhere, another person posted an advert to try and entice someone to rent a bedroom in his family home – with rules including ‘no laundry’ and ‘no cooking.’

There’s no denying a pot of flowers would brighten up any home – but it doesn’t have the same appeal when it’s Photoshopped onto the picture, like this Los Angeles apartment listing

Something about this snap, taken in an unknown location, makes us think the grass may not always be this green and pristine 

While most would admit they love the picturesque view of a snowy scene, it’s not quite the same when it’s been painted on. Pictured, in an unknown location

While most people would attempt to hide any damage with a photo frame or even a mirror, this estate agent, from an unknown location, decided to scribble it out using Photoshop instead

For most, selling a house would mean giving it a good clean in a bid to get it in tip top condition – but not for these homeowners, who are from an unknown location

As far as this house, in an unknown location, is concerned, it looks like the damage is already done! 

One person, from an unknown location, stumbled upon this ‘spot the difference’ snap, before asking: ‘Can real estate agents catfish you?’

While many spend thousands furnishing their homes to impress potential buyers, one person trying to rent this Los Angeles apartment, had a very different idea instead

it’s supposed to be the size of the rooms and features of the building that garner appeal, but this homeowner, from an unknown location, decided to use a different technique in the form of fancy dress 

This homeowner, from an unknown location, made no efforts to have a quick tidy up before taken a series of snaps

One person, from an unknown location, put up a rather bizarre advert in a bid to try and entice someone to rent a bedroom in his family home – with rules including ‘no laundry’ and ‘no cooking’


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