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Astonished mother has a hilarious reaction when she is told she is expecting twin girls


Astonished mother has a hilarious reaction when she is told she is expecting twin girls as she exclaims: ‘So you mean TWO babies… at the same time?’

  • Chancè Hindir-Lane, 25, from Maryland, refuses to believe she is having twins
  • Mother cannot believe what she is hearing when doctor points to two babies
  • Ms Hindir-Lane asks if the doctor is joking with her during the ultrasound scan

By Bhvishya Patel For Mailonline

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This is the comical moment a mother reacts in disbelief as she learns she is having twins during an ultrasound scan.  

Chancè Hindir-Lane, 25, from Maryland, was at the routine scan with her husband when the medic told her she was carrying not one but two babies.

Footage shows the expectant mother refuse to believe what she is hearing – even when she can see both foetuses on the screen – and accuse the doctor of lying, saying: ‘No, that’s not true.’  

Chancè Hindir-Lane cannot believe what she is hearing when her doctor tells her she is having twins and points to them on the screen

Ms Hindir-Lane, 25, from Maryland, decided to share the comical footage on Instagram

The mother, who also had a son who was under the age of two at the time, described how she was shocked to hear she would be welcoming her twin girls Apphia Chanceline L’âne and Atarah Furaha L’âne – who are now 20 months old. 

During the clip, which was filmed last year but was shared by Ms Hindir-Lane more recently, the expectant mother gasps as the doctor tells her: ‘You have twins.’

Unable to absorb the bombshell announcement, Ms Hindir-Lane repeatedly replies: ‘I’m sorry, what?’ 

The doctor points out the two babies inside her uterus before the mother says: ‘You’re lying, you’re joking. No that’s not true. Aren’t babies supposed to be in different things so that’s obviously just one.’

The doctor goes on to tell the mother that the growing babies are in two different sacs in her uterus and explains: ‘So here is your uterus and then there’s a sac that’s around this baby and a sac that’s around this baby.’

As the information begins to sink in, Ms Hindir-Lane replies: ‘So you mean like two of them? Oh my god. So you mean two right? At the same time? How do you even push them out at the same time?’

The doctor explains to the expectant mother that there are two babies growing inside her 

The doctor calmly explains: ‘Well one baby comes out first and then the next baby comes out.’

Ms Hindir-Lane then goes on to reveal that her sister also has twins as the doctor excitedly shouts: ‘Oh my god!’ 

The mother said: ‘When we showed up to the appointment and they told me I’m having twins, I really thought it was a prank by my husband.

‘My husband was just as shocked and extremely excited.

‘We couldn’t stop thinking about how unreal the whole situation was!’

She added: ‘It has been a long ride, but we love being the twins’ parents!’

In July, the mother decided to share the comical footage with her followers on Instagram next to a message which read: ‘Finding out there’s two. ‘‘I’m sorry WHAT?”  

Ms Hindir-Lane later took to her Instagram page to share the comical video with her followers

‘A year ago today I had a 6-month-old and thought I was pregnant with another baby. I was finally starting to be ok with the idea of having two under two. 

‘In my head I was having another boy and I was pretty sure that was that.

‘Me finding out I was having twins is still the funniest video I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure why I thought the doctor was lying to me.’


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