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At last, Black Wall Street begins Continental Mobile Phone Switch in Africa as it devalues UPAP stock


At last, Black Wall Street begins Continental Mobile Phone Switch as it devalues UPAP stock

After months of greatly revealing the truth and need for Africans to take control of its economic situation by switching from consumption of western made products to fully African made products, the Black Wall Street [BWS] has officially declared the Economic war and launch of Continental Mobile Phone Switch in Africa.

The switch which begins with total market domination of battle 1 of the economic war will ensure serious Cash Out investments that will transform Africa and is targeted at diverting the over $203 billion on Capital flight to Africa, retaining this money in Africa, making Africans buy African mobile phone products like the No Dropout tablet, NO Dropout M10, supporting African Businesses!

Charles N Lambert, Commander in Chief of the Economic War while declaring the War on Wednesday assured that over one million pro-African mobile phones will be sold every single month until No one is left behind and Africa becomes a SUPER POWER nation that can compete with Americans, Europeans and the Asians.

In the first phase of the Economic War tagged “Economic War with Charles N Lambert”, Lambert throughout 26 episodes of the show sensitized and gave Africa shocking revelations concerning its economy while emphasizing that Africa must end the “Suck and Dump” philosophy imposed on the continent to hinder its economic emancipation and independence.

Reiterating that there’s only one way to ensure massive financial prosperity on earth and to a lot of people at the same time and same period is through the stock market system which Lambert says Africa must embrace through the Black Wall Street platform.

To ensure that Africans will never have to spend their money investing in any company in the stock market to avoid getting into trouble financially, BWS tailors a solution that works for Africans by using the Redirect Mall, an online Mall dedicated to fighting the Economic War, as an investment platform for Africans. This is done by investing a percentage of the money used for shopping on the Redirect Mall and bringing returns to the buyers.

Over 70 billion dollars leave Africa annually following sales of mobile phones, and to keep this money within the continent through the Continental Mobile Phone Switch, the Black Wall Street hired 11, 000 engineers, and created 101 phone factories across Africa. The phones produced by these factories, according to Lambert, will bear the names of our African heroes such as Mandela.

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Explaining the Continental Mobile Phone Switch further, Lambert says Africa must arise and shine for the time has come to lift millions out of poverty by kicking out the devil(Capital Flight) that keeps tormenting Africa’s economy.

Describing Capital flight as the eater of Africa’s economy, Lambert says the Black Wall Street will stop feeding it by making sure it ends through the Continental Mobile Switch which will replace sales of foreign products with local products on the Redirect Mall and using the Capital Flight money to invest in Africa through the 28 Apps of BWS, thereby bringing billions into the continent.

Buying from the Redirect Mall gives the buyers financial benefits through the investments on Black Wall Street platform which will pay 40million Africans a monthly 100 dollar each annually for 5 years.

Lambert reveals more benefits saying that by switching your phones, you fund Africas very first economic ideology tagged the “Ubuntu Spirit” aka Compassionate Capitalism through 28 basic human needs Apps which are designed to bridge the development divide and interconnect Africa.

Also, by switching your phone, you fund Africa’s dream which is access to all basic human needs to mankind such as food security, strong infrastructure. etc

Development Channel App will bridge the development divide between developed and underdeveloped countries through the use of 25 empathy-driven companies covering the creation of strong middle class, food security and strong infrastructure among the world’s most disadvantaged.

The Development Channel platform has three players of which number one is the App trainer and in 600 locations across Africa owned by the Black Wall Street, and there are 1,000 professional App trainers who will explain how the apps work and the economic system.

The money generated from the Development Channel will be used to fund the industrialization of Africa by establishing factories, business in every area of Africa.

The money will also be used to fund Africa’s continental security, fund Africa’s image overseas, social programmes for the blind, lame, deaf and dumb, disable, help the weakest of the weak in African society.

It will also be used to fund the unity of Africa, destroy the Western borders and unite as one nation and one vision.

On switching and UPAP, Lambert explains that UPAP is the arrow that kills Capital flight because it is the incentive that makes Africans buy Africa.

Devaluing the UPAP stock which paid a lifetime 100 dollars monthly, Lambert says in order to have a realistic and achievable target, the UPAP stock will now pay 100 dollars monthly for a period of 5 years only.

The initial people who got a lifetime UPAP stock will receive 30,000 dollars cashout and the contract ends as UPAP devalues.

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