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#BBNaija: How 10 Heads of House fared


 Gbenga Bada

The BBNaija Lockdown will come to a sizzling end on Sunday, September 27 after 10 weeks – 70 days.

As is the tradition, a Head of House emerges to coordinate activities for each week. The Head of House is also expected to convey messages from Biggie to the Housemates while ensuring they work in harmony to win their weekly wager tasks.

For every week in the fifth edition of BBNaija tagged Lockdown edition, 10 out of the 20 Housemates emerged Heads of House at different times – with some winning twice.

Here are the 10 Heads of House that led BBNaija Lockdown in 10 weeks:

  1. HoH: Nengi

Reign: Week 1 and Week 9

Deputy: Wathoni

The 22-year-old from Bayelsa emerged the first HoH. As requested by Biggie, Nengi chose Wathoni as Deputy. She led the 20 Housemates to their first wager task, which they lost under her reign.

Again, in week nine, Nengi emerged the HoH and this time, she had to lead seven Housemates without a deputy to win their wager task.

Nengi had a good relationship with many during her tenure and she also occupied the role of a Deputy Head of House once. Nengi is among the five finalists of the show.

  1. HoH: Lucy

Reign: Week 2

Deputy: Prince

Lucy took over from Nengi in week two. As the second HoH, and as directed by Biggie, Lucy chose Prince as Deputy. Lucy had a rough reign and for the second week in a row, the Housemates lost their wager task under her reign.

Lucy had altercations with a number of the Housemates that included Kaisha and Ka3na. She was evicted in week seven after spending 49 days in the House.

  1. HoH: Ozo

Reign: Week 3 and Week 6

Deputy: Dorathy

Ozo established himself as one of the Housemates with leadership qualities. He first emerged HoH in week three to lead 18 Housemates to their first wager task.

The victory was a concerted effort by Ozo to break the yoke and register his name on the BBNaija golden book. In his first reign, Dorathy acted as Deputy. In week six, Ozo emerged HoH for the second time and the first to achieve the feat in the fifth season. He then chose Nengi and led the 12 remaining Housemates to the second round of victory. Ozo was evicted in week nine after 63 days in the House.

  1. HoH: Erica

Reign: Week 4 and Week 7

Deputy: Kiddwaya, Prince

Erica joined the long list of females that dominated the HoH list for the BBNaija Lockdown edition in week four. Her emergence got Kiddwaya the opportunity to enjoy the HoH lounge for the first time. Erica led 16 Housemates to another loss of wager task. She registered her name on the list of Housemates that nabbed the title twice in the Lockdown edition. In her first reign, Erica chose Kiddwaya. However, her second coming in week seven had her picking Prince as Deputy. This feat saw Prince taking up the role of Deputy Head of House for the second time in five weeks. For her second reign, Erica led the House to lose their wager task again. Erica was disqualified for having three strikes after many infringements and flouting the rules in week seven after 49 days in the House.

  1. HoH: Kiddwaya

Reign: Week 5

Deputy: TolaniBaj

Kiddwaya’s reign was in week five and he chose Tolanibaj as Deputy after Biggie stopped his decision to pick Erica, who was his wish. Kiddwaya led 14 Housemates to another loss of wager task in the fifth week. He also incurred a strike and was barred from participating in the HoH challenge or enjoying HoH privileges. Kiddwaya was evicted from the show in the eighth week after 56 days in the House.

  1. HoH: TrikyTee

Reign: Week 8

Deputy: Laycon

In week eight, TrikyTee emerged HoH after stiff competition. After several weeks of trying, the lucky Housemate emerged the winner, and to help during his reign, TrikyTee chose Laycon as Deputy. The duo managed to secure a win for the eight wager task. Though the Housemates had reduced to nine, TrikyTee and Laycon were able to steer the House to safe harbour. TrikyTee was evicted from the show in the ninth week after 63 days in the House.

  1. HoH: Vee

Reign: Week 10

Week 10 of the BBNaija Lockdown saw Biggie changing the whole process of the Head of House. After throwing a treat for the last five, Biggie informed how the HoH will emerge.

The process, according to him, will see each of the last five emerge HoH aside Nengi, who had emerged twice in the first and ninth weeks.

Biggie further noted each of HoH will reign for 24 hours after which the last five will pick the next HoH.

Vee was the first to emerge from the twist making her the 10th HoH in the 10th week. The UK-trained singer was one of the few Housemates who never had the chance to win the HoH games or serve as Deputy.

  1. HoH: Laycon

Reign: Week 10

Laycon took over from Vee the tenth week. Laycon led the five Housemates to win the Lipton task that saw each of them walking away with N1million each.

  1. HoH: Dorathy

Reign: Week 10

Following the new twists at the beginning of the 10th week, Dorathy emerged the Head of House on day 67. As expected, her reign lasted 24 hours. Dorathy was one of the few Housemates who never had the chance to win the HoH games as Deputy.

  1. HoH: Neo

Reign: Week 10

On Day 68, Neo took over on completion of Dorathy’s 24 hours tenure. When asked who they wanted as the new HoH, they all echoed Neo’s name. An excited Neo gladly accepted the position and soon found his way to the HoH seat. Neo was one of the few Housemates never to win the HoH or serve as  Deputy.

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