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Biden blasts Trump for being ‘downright un-American’ for losers and suckers comments


Demoratic nominee Joe Biden again slammed President Donald Trump for The Atlantic’s reporting that he referred to American war dead as ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ and disparaged those who served. 

‘When it comes to our veterans, it’s downright un-American,’ Biden said of Trump’s reported comments Monday from Pennsylvania, as he held a virtual event in Harrisburg with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. 

Biden said that Trump wasn’t ‘made of the same stuff’ as Americans who have served their country. 

‘He’ll never understand us. He’ll never understand our cops, our firefighters,’ Biden said, bringing up law enforcement as Trump and Republicans have tried to pin the Democrat firmly on the side of ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists. 

Democratic nominee Joe Biden took part in a virtual event but from the AFL-CIO headquarters Monday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to mark Labor Day. There he again went after President Donald Trump for the Atlantic reporting he had called American war dead ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’

Biden (right) participated in a livestream event from Harrisburg featuring AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, where he blasted Trump for The Atlantic’s reporting that he disparaged Americans who served in the armed forces 

Beforehand, Biden briefly met with Pennsylvania labor leaders at the headquarters of the AFL-CIO in Harrisburg, the state capital

Biden is applauded as he arrives to pose for pictures with labor leaders to mark Labor Day in Harrisburg 

Biden is photographed giving a thumbs up to a group of labor leaders as he takes part in a socially distant photo on Monday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

When campaigning, Biden has tried to split the difference calling most police good people, while backing reforms dealing with racial inequality and staying away from the more leftist position of defunding the police. 

Echoing comments he made in Wilminton Friday – and with similar emotion – Biden called American servicemembers ‘heroes.’ 

‘I’ll tell you something. My Beau wasn’t a loser or a sucker,’ the former vice president said about his late son. ‘He didn’t serve with losers and suckers, he served with heroes. He served with American patriots.’  

‘And none of the veterans you know are losers or suckers,’ Biden continued. 

Biden’s voice got more booming as he went on. 

‘No president has ever talked about servicemen and women in that way and I’m sorry if I’m cutting it close to losing my temper, but the simple truth is, if that’s how you talk about our veterans, you have no business being president of the United States,’ the Democratic nominee said. 

Biden spent Labor Day in Lancaster and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which he tied in with his criticism of Trump’s comments by suggesting the president doesn’t Americans who have chosen selfless careers. 

‘He lives by a code of lies, greed and selfishness,’ Biden scoffed. ‘This is Labor Day and we honor all that working folks have done. The people of this country.’ 

At his first event of the day, Biden also capitalized on The Atlantic’s reporting that Trump had called American war dead ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.’ 

Biden asked Howard Nash, a member of the National Guard, what he thought of Trump’s comments.

‘Do you think most of those guys are suckers?’ Biden asked. 

Three of those four participants in the discussion with union workers were veterans.      

Earlier on his Pennsylvania trip, Biden said he’d take a coronavirus vaccine ‘tomorrow’ even if it caused him to lose the 2020 presidential election to Trump. 

‘If I could get a vaccine tomorrow I’d do it. If it would cost me the election I’d do it,’ Biden said to reporters in Lancaster. ‘We need a vaccine and we need it now. As quickly as we can get it.’

On the White House’s North Portico Monday, Trump said Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris needed to ‘immediately apologize for the reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric.’ 

Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he’s take a coronavirus vaccine ‘tomorrow’ even if it cost him the election during a campaign stop Monday in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. ‘We need a vaccine and we need it now. As quickly as we can get it’ 

Joe Biden was asked if he’d take a coronavirus vaccine if one was available before the November 3 presidential election, to which he said yes, but also if it was vouched for by scientists and medical professionals 

Over the weekend, Harris had told CNN that she would not trust Trump’s word on the safety of a coronavirus vaccine, because she feared he might fast-track it to help him win the November 3 election. 

‘I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it,’ the California senator said. 

On the campaign trail, Biden hammered Trump for turning the coronavirus generally into a political football. 

‘One of the problems is the way he’s playing with politics. He’s said so many things that aren’t true. And I’m worried that if we do have a really good vaccine people are going to be reluctant to take it,’ Biden told reporters outside a Lancaster campaign stop. 

‘And so he’s undermining public confidence,’ Biden added. 

Biden also said he would want experts to vouch for a vaccine.  

‘I would want to see what the scientists said,’ he said when asked if he’d be comfortable taking a vaccine. 

Trump infamously suggested in the White House briefing room that Americans might be able to inject disinfectants or use sunlight to kill the virus – after hearing that those things kill the coronavirus on surfaces. 

Trump also pushed the drug hydroxychloroquine, which still hasn’t measured up as a true coronavirus cure. 

The president has also allowed supporters to be lax about mask-wearing and social distancing. 

He gave his Republican National Convention speech in front of an audience of 1,500 at the White House, where the chairs weren’t socially distanced. 

He greeted crowds Wednesday in Wilmington, North Carolina who were pressed together at the airport with most not wearing masks. 

And he held a rally with thousands in both an airport hangar and then in overflow in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Thursday night. 

Again, most of the crowd was scrunched together and not wearing masks. 

Biden and Harris started traveling more the week after the RNC, but have only met with small groups so far. 

On Monday, Biden first met with four union members in Lancaster for a discussion. 

There, he criticized Trump for spending too much time golfing, as the president played a game Sunday at his Virginia golf club.    

‘He has been spending too much time on the golf courses and the sand traps,’ Biden said during a campaign stop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Monday.  

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